If Shen Suer wants to avoid Mu Jing Sima Luo, the way is that many people hide in other countries, so it is not so easy for them to find them. Although they are powerful people, it is not easy for a person to really hide and think of finding them, especially if this person doesn’t live and show his face around. At present, Shen Suer doesn’t think Mu Jing will send someone to find herself. She thinks that she has been hiding from Sima Luo.


Dad, you haven’t promised Xiaobao yet.
Promise what?
After Xiaobao, I will cover you with a quilt.
Silly child Shen Suer gently hugs Xiaobao to himself, which makes people feel that even children can feel the warmth in their hearts. If Xiaobao wants to marry a wife, he can’t cover his father.
Xiao Bao took the opportunity to move over to her arms and found a comfortable position. Section 638 Surprised, don’t give people a lie in appearance.
Xiao Bao took the opportunity to move into her arms to find a comfortable position.
Close your eyelids like you are tired, but you are reluctant to sleep.
Shen Suer also has some doubts about avoiding children’s sexual topics. How can Xiaobao come here to be curious? How can a nine-year-old child be now in Taohua County? Qian Sansan is definitely not his biological mother, and this child must not be ordinary people. This kind of kid can’t be raised in this environment in Taohua County.
Mom brought it to his mouth. Mom means money.
How did Xiao Bao know her?
On the way, Xiao Bao was almost caught by the bad guys, and Xiao Bao came after saving Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao has been with her all the time, and she is very obedient and answers questions. What a child.
It’s also less trouble for Shen Suer, and he won’t coax anything. He knows a lot. According to Xiaobao, he came here alone for fun, but he didn’t know the way back. He was cheated by a bad uncle and the carriage seemed to be sold somewhere. He cleverly sneaked away and met Qian Sansan.
Because I didn’t have my parents’ love, I wanted to find my parents’ pain. When I saw that money was good for myself, I called my mother directly. Later, it was only a month when my new mother arrived in Taohua County.
Dad, you must be kind to Xiaobao. If you want to hurt Xiaobao, don’t scold Xiaobao, and don’t let Xiaobao pout and ask for super cuteness.
Shen Suer couldn’t help kissing a little, sweating and maternal love flooded. Speaking of age, she has lived here for 27 years in modern times. At present, this body is seriously out of date, although many times she will forget how old she is and sigh gently.
Night really makes lonely people feel melancholy.
Xiaobao moved around her like a kitten with no sense of security. No one hurts Xiaobao. Xiaobao is lonely and afraid. No one wants to play with Xiaobao and talk with him. Xiaobao is always alone. Section 639 Surprise, don’t give people a lie. 4
Small said is very poor, listen to Shen Suer grieved than pity.
Gently caress him and smooth his hair. Aren’t you afraid of your family looking for him?
Nobody loves Xiaobao, even if Xiaobao leaves them, they won’t care if she sips her mouth and tears are actually swirling around her eyes. That pathetic look at jane doe’s pure big eyes makes her heart feel guilty.
That’s all it takes to figure it out.
Runaway kids.
Xiaobao is a mulberry.
When are you going to go home?
Why don’t you talk? Shen Suer actually saw his tears rushing by candlelight. What happened to Xiaobao?
Does dad want Xiao Bao?
Oh, no, no, no, don’t cry. Shen Suer was dumbfounded for a while. The kid was so sensitive or insecure. He felt a lack of love. What kind of security is not likely to be good. Don’t cry, Xiaobao won’t drive you away unless he leaves Dad. Let him be. He is also lonely.
Shen Suer also doesn’t want to investigate the truth and falsehood in Xiaobao’s words. This enigmatic kid knows or knows more than she does that some people lie for the purpose and some people chat. Many times, she also belongs to the latter, and today she feels that Xiaobao is also the latter. It’s nothing to chat with people even if they are a big one and a small one.
Two people sleep until dawn.
Shen Suer rarely had a good sleep and didn’t get dragged up and went to court. It is estimated that it was the benefit of snake bite, and it was also estimated that she looked at the wound in her foot three times yesterday afternoon. She was surprised that it healed well overnight and it didn’t hurt at all.
Xiaobao’s medicine is really top. I can’t help wondering. Xiaobao’s medicine is not ordinary children’s meeting.
Xiaobao saw Shen Suer’s purity and gave her a smile. Did Dad want to say something to Xiaobao?
Yeah, Xiaobao, where did that medicine come from? Good.
Home. I came to play with it.
Xiaobao’s family is rich, right?
Right? But Xiaobao hasn’t read section 64. Surprise, don’t give people a lie. 5
Hehe, she believes that poor children have never seen Qian Qian children, nor have they seen money, because they don’t need to spend their own money to wait on others to follow.
Eat breakfast
Shen Suer will stay in the room and look at the day.
The money is three three cash.
Smiling seems to be a smile forever.
If it weren’t for the bright and calculating light in the eyes of Linglinfeng, Shen Suer would be her ordinary little girl.
Master, now everyone in the county knows that my son is your son. What do you think I should do? My delicate face leaned over and scared Shen Suer to escape for that moment.
Playing the fool, everyone will do it, and Shen Suer is no exception.