Wen Weiya ha ha a smile and said


"Ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s been a while since you got started. It’s time to take you to see the gate of the mountain. In addition, it’s better to worship the ancestors of the past generations. I’m afraid there are not many opportunities after you don’t go!"
"It’s Master!"
Although he is more precocious than his peers and even married his wife before going home, Yang Shen still does not take off the lively and active nature of young people. Where can he recognize the loneliness implied in Wei Ya’s remarks?
I heard that Wei Ya was going to take him to the gate of Yang Shen. I felt a thrill, but I didn’t feel anything else. But after the excitement, he also felt a little depressed. A younger brother, Yang Shen, actually faced the door of Yuan Zhimen and didn’t know which way to go. If it was said, it would make people laugh. Today, somehow, it can make up for this regret.
Think of day chaos situation Wei Ya face turned pale smile stretched out his hand and touched Yang Shen head and said.
"well! Let’s go! "
Say Wei Ya a pinch tactic together with Yang Shen assimilated a white light fleeting in the blue sky and white clouds-
Located in the Siberian wilderness, the middle-name island of Lake Baikal has been disturbed for a long time, and it has maintained a quiet and quiet atmosphere. The flowers and trees on the island are not withered all the year round in the protective array, just like the scenery outside the island in the late spring of the south of the Yangtze River, the lake surface of Lake Baikal, especially the unfrozen ice and snow, brings a trace of lingering chill.
Today, the gate of Yuanzhimen, which has been silent for a long time, once again welcomes the arrival of Wei Ya and Yang Shen.
"These are your ancestors who don’t kowtow to the door and don’t care about these external forms … When the sixteenth generation patriarch was in office, he moved the gate from Middle-earth to Beihai to avoid the right path and didn’t fight with those guys … You have to remember that it’s not timid to wait for a comeback and retreat in the future. Yang Shen listens to white?"
First, he led Yang Shen to visit the ancestral hall, and then Wei Ya took his brother to walk slowly along the Qingshipu path, introducing the surrounding buildings along the way. By the way, Yang Shen told the history of "Yuanzhimen" and asked him to understand the secret of "Yuanzhimen" for thousands of years.
Wei Ya granted this whole set of subversive ideas, shameless and anti-glory theory. Yang Shen was dizzy, but he nodded and said
"It’s my white master."
Wei Ya stopped by a rocky rockery, lifted up her eyes and looked around. She was familiar with everything in her heart, and she felt a lot in her heart.
The transformation from free destiny to talented people can see that the Terran’s luck is declining and there is a great trend. It used to be a promised land, and it may soon be out of human possession. As the saying goes, people move living trees and die, no matter how deviant the wind is, it is still the origin of the Yuan Zhimen by human practitioners. Now the whole Terran is going uphill, and it is bound to disrupt the normal inheritance of the Yuan Zhimen, especially Wei Ya, a master who was reincarnated a few years ago, and I don’t know if it is unlucky to enter The six great divisions in the wheel of karma again.
If human beings can’t get along in the human world, the gate of "Yuanzhimen" may have to move along.
Recalling the time when I lived here as a teenager, I heard that my future was uncertain. Master Wei Ya couldn’t help sighing. Wei Ya dumped her head and seemed to want to expel her troubles from her mind. She lamented that Yu Weiya continued to lead Yang Shen to a grand, elegant and simple hall.
Stop in front of the hall Wei Ya cautiously held out his hand and carefully grasped Yang Shen and then said.
"This hall is where the door is, and it is surrounded by prohibitions. If it is touched a little, it will be destroyed in an instant."
I heard Wei Ya speak so horribly that even if he is bold as Yang Shen, he dare not be presumptuous and obediently follow Wei Ya into the hall step by step. The appearance of the hall is already very magnificent. The hall seems to be doubly spacious and lofty. Looking at both sides, Yang Shen seems to have exhausted his eyesight and can’t see the marginal eyeful. It is full of heavy objects such as stone tablets and stone carvings.
There are not many stone tablets with quaint shapes, but most of them are based on myths. Although the carving techniques are ingenious, they are extremely ingenious. It is not a modern thing. Yang Shen is not afraid when he is curious
Wei Ya explained to Yang Shen the secret of sumeru in mustard and then said
"well! The teacher can send you here to have a look around! If you feel like you hit it off with a stone, sit in front and realize the party! "
The tenth volume Section Teaching people to fish
"Yuanzhimen" moved to Beihai for generations, and painstakingly managed the mountain gate. Although it was shabby, it was reluctantly abandoned, but it also saved a large fortune.
In this way, Yang Shen has a quick look and is dazzled. It is placed in the museum. Qin bricks and Han tiles are everywhere on this island. It is not rare to bend down and pick up a flowerpot. Most of them are refined in the official kiln of Tang and Song Dynasties. Even if Yang Shen’s rich brother’s knowledge is shocked, now even looking at Wei Ya is pleasing to the eye.
Although Wei Ya was vague about the situation of the forest of steles in front, he was beaten more than once because of his temper, and Yang Shen dared not ask him more. He slowly walked into this forest of steles with a sense of curiosity and confusion.
The most difficult way to practice is that those who have great wisdom and perseverance cannot achieve anything.
To be a yogi, you not only have the talent of ordinary people, but also need the guidance of famous teachers before you can get on the right track. Besides, Taoism and magical powers are both seemingly illusory. If you can’t get the guidance of famous teachers, beginners often get quick results and great power. The temptation of magical powers to abandon the exploration of the avenue and pursue stronger magical powers is precisely the taboo of giving up everything.
If the path of spiritual practice goes wrong, even if it is magical for a while, it will not disappear in the end, so it is hard to find a good teacher and a good disciple. This two-way choice is also an eternal proposition.
"Yuan Zhimen" has collected many cultivation methods, but because these methods can be understood but not spoken, they can be shelved for a long time, and many gatekeepers rely on mentoring to teach them. Even if they remember the cultivation methods, it is difficult for outsiders to understand the mystery occasionally.
"Yuan Zhimen" has always been known as wisdom and imperial power, and naturally it will not be satisfied with the dilemma of getting a set of methods, but it can be said that it is still unable to please. It was not until later that "Yuan Zhimen" produced two outstanding people with amazing talents to jointly create a tricky method that this problem could be solved.
The solution to the problem is not complicated. If the predecessors have practiced a certain method, they can use these two great powers to create a secret method to compress their own experience and a whole set of skills to cultivate the powerful knowledge of the method into a fire and seal it in the stone tablet. If the latecomers who come to visit the forest of steles in the future meet the conditions for practicing this method, they will naturally produce subtle telepathy as soon as they get close to the stone tablet.
In this mysterious induction, the stone tablet will be sealed with fire, and the fire will automatically enter the sea for a period of introduction. After that, the fire will go to sleep to save energy and continue to give points as the host improves.
The best way to see farther than a giant without tools is, of course, on the giant’s shoulders. In this way, even a beginner of "Yuan Zhimen" is equivalent to having the experience of predecessors’ cultivation in an instant and getting Cheng Correspondence Education.
Our predecessors planted trees and later generations enjoyed the cool. This secret method helped Yuan Zhimen. Of course, no matter what method we practice, we can ensure that we get twice the result with half the effort, and we will not fall into the problem of being knowledgeable but not proficient.
Bi Ruru said that Wei Ya entered the country, so God reached a state close to Yu Dacheng before he was 30 years old. These impressive achievements were not only because he was fit for the practice of "golden bell jar", but also because his predecessors left kindling in the practice to enlighten and give great contributions.
"hey! This is … Ah! "
Yang Shen figure disappeared in the vast forest of steles for more than ten minutes, and then suddenly there came a piercing scream. It sounded like he was about to die. It was generally creepy. Wei Ya heard that Yang Shen was miserable and did not move at all. Everything seemed to have been expected by him.
There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to take a shortcut, you have to be prepared to pay the corresponding price.
The mystery of "Yuan Zhimen" saves the practitioner from counting hard work and saving time, and it is inevitable to ask for the price of getting something for nothing. It is impossible to be perfect in every way. It is a daydream to want the horse to run and not eat grass. It is like the extreme pain of women during childbirth. The painful torture is to make the way of fire inheritance pay a part of the price.
For a long time, the high-pitched screams gradually sank to Wei Ya’s face, and after a while, his face was as white as paper. Yang Shen staggered out of the forest of steles and fell in front of Wei Ya.
Hands on the ground forehead cold sweat dripping wet and Yang Shen struggled to breathe while puzzled said.
"shout! Whoo! Whoo! Master, why didn’t you tell me in advance that it hurts so much? "
Hear disciples complain Wei Ya immediately scoffed retorted.
"Hum! Anyway, whether to give you a knife or to tell you whether or not you have to go through this world situation first, and you know that if you don’t grow up as soon as possible, you won’t be able to save your own life until the phantom clan finally attacks you. Why aren’t you angry? Then do you want to try two tricks with the teacher? You always think you are still a number one? "
The advantage of the psionic is that the gap between Wei Ya and Yang Shen is not enough in the early stage. No matter how powerful the psionic is, it is still a tiger eating the sky.
Upon hearing master’s remarks, Yang Shen immediately said with a sad face.
"well! Forget it! Master, you must want to take the opportunity to repair me again. "
Evil heart was exposed Wei Ya laughed and said
"Hehehehehe, it seems that the Japanese teacher practiced your hardships for nothing some time ago and finally learned a little better!"
Yang Shen is not an idiot. What will happen to the world after the phantom clan comes to power? Of course, he has a good idea in his heart. He is more concerned about what he has just achieved in the practice of uniting with Wei Ya, a teacher with dignity.
Since Wei Ya taught some practitioners in Yang Shen the high-altitude breathing method in the foundation stage, he insisted on practicing it every day, saying that the formal teaching of the method in the future would depend on Yang Shen’s own opportunity to fight for it. Today, before entering the forest of steles, Yang Shen became white. This so-called opportunity has arrived, but Yang Shen, who sneaked into the sea to know the fire, was very confused and asked Master Wei Ya for advice.
"Master, what the hell is it that makes people feel weird when it sounds like a name given to heaven and earth?"
Facing my brother, Wei Ya immediately reached out and touched Ba for a long time. Without words, I didn’t know that his face was twitching violently, which seemed to show that someone was in an abnormal mental state.

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