Well, it can stop me from hitting a three-component blow. It seems that today, the golden light flashed through Sakyamuni’s eyes. When the golden ring was shaken in his hand, it turned into a knife-stopping knife. It was called the two holy knives in the Buddhist world. I don’t know how many evil spirits it had drunk in its life. Today, let him have another drink. At this moment, Sakyamuni’s eyes are still solemn as if he were preaching.


How can this forbidden area in Xuan Bing be stained with bloody Buddha? You’d better leave, otherwise it will trigger this glacier. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get it even if you are in heaven. Go, Xuelian, with a hint of threat on the stereo, like a warning.
There is a hint of auspicious light smile in Sakyamuni Mousse of the Glacier. Don’t you even know this? You say it’s true that I didn’t get a good trip in the Glacier. Otherwise, I would have come to Xuanbingling long ago, but today it’s different. Don’t you forget that the fairy was robbed just now? If I hadn’t sensed this fairy’s robbery, how could I have moved here in the Great Buddha Temple? Only then did I know that he came to Xuan Bing only after the robbery that day.
When I heard Sakyamuni’s words, Snow Lotus became very pale and vomited a word.
It’s true that the celestial robbery is forbidden, and the fairy robbery is just one day later. The glacier in Xuanbingling is forbidden to launch the law, which means that now Xuanbingling is a river of blood.
Hum a big mouth, blood becomes a river, Sakyamuni seeks color, today’s blood will be, since you can avoid the war, so cut the crap and do it. I really can’t stand his expression, and a firm but gentle wave breaks and hits Sakyamuni seeks color.
Well, since you want to die, I’ll become your Buddha Sakyamuni’s hand, and I’ll stand in front of you. This is a firm but gentle dharma, and all the people in the world will be punished by Buddha, and all the three thousand dharmas will become buddhas, and all of us will be cut by this knife.
Repairing and killing Buddha a Buddhist monk’s knife to come to Buddha in the Qing Dynasty is also inseparable from these desire to kill’s endless knives. I will let you see a magic shadow, while monty cicada becomes a magic shadow, while people are sword-wielding, and everywhere I am, everyone is sword-wielding, and his face has finally changed.
It seems that my disciple was injured in your hand by the magic shadow. How did you get your magic power in troubled times? Today, let me cleanse the world and clear the dust. The second potential of the knife method of clearing the dust is that when the blade of Sakyamuni in South Asia turns, the thousand handles are crossed by my blade at the same time, and then he comes to me with the power of splitting the sky. I don’t want to know clearly whether he is distinguishing me from my true self and quickly dispersing the magic shadow. I am surprised to hear that when the sword hits each other and shoots a golden spark.
Hey, Sakyamuni is equally surprised. Looking at my hands, it seems that the sword in your hand is also extraordinary. It is a pity that I can fall into your hands, but don’t worry, after your death, I will give it to you, saying that I am in distress situation as if I were a dead man in his eyes.
Let’s talk about it then. I’ll hum a hand and stick it on the back of the knife and stab Sakyamuni’s eyebrows
Haha, Sakyamuni Mousse burst out laughing and walked away. I was confused, but the great magical power pressed you to come. How can a Buddhist monk be more subtle than you? You are a sword and I am a Buddha. Pick me up and kill the fairy. Sakyamuni Mousse’s hands are constantly drifting backwards and twisting your hands. I am surprised to find that every time his hands change once, this day will be darker.
Emperor, be careful, it’s a fairy disaster. Now your strength is hard. Slight cold anxious voice came to fly to me quickly. Slight cold said that it would protect the emperor now. In front of me, slight cold gave off a dazzling white light.
Hao Sakyamuni, after seeing Xiao Han, exclaimed, "How can a rare beast in the divine world be here now and still practice Bai Hao for thousands of years?"
Whistling in the sky, stabbing the slight cold, the beautiful sound actually led to four waves of violent turmoil. A white spike rose from the sky with a glow in the sky, and the slight cold stopped on my shoulder with collapse
Hum, don’t crack it. It will be great if I destroy the fairy robbery. Then pick me up with a Buddha’s light. Sakyamuni finally woke up from the shock, and his hands came to us like a sword.
Go back quickly. The slight cold wakes me up in my ear. I hurry to get out and fly back. It’s always a quick line to avoid sending those golden lights.
Bai Hua Jing Xiao Han once again gave a white ice mirror, and now I reflect all those golden lights back in front of me.
Men and men need a beast to protect them. The spell Sakyamuni’s color has been broken twice by slight cold. I can’t help but sneer at what he said. I haven’t responded yet. The slight cold on my shoulder shocked me and looked at Sakyamuni’s color with resentment as if he had said it to a sore spot.
Damn, I don’t want you to be a Buddha yet, so I’m afraid of you. I wonder who wasn’t polite to me when I was in the celestial world
With your Sakyamuni’s heart, you must have been frozen to death by the cold in Xuanbingling.
Did you soon know that Xiao Han hated watching him emit a dazzling white light that was more dazzling than when he broke the fairy robbery before, because it was on my shoulder, and I clearly felt that the white light contained great power.
Xuanyuan definitely lost the color of Sakyamuni and screamed.
The second volume Different demons Chapter 43 Because of reincarnation
Xuanyuan definitely Sakyamuni seeks color exclaimed and looked at slight cold show some at a loss.
Yes, it’s Xuanyuan definitely, but it was the emperor who finally found the achievement method. I think it’s a bit arrogant for you to meet your head with slight cold pride because of its strength.
Even if it’s Xuanyuan definitely, I don’t believe you, an animal, can still practice the great realm of Sakyamuni, and after a pause, his hands are twisted together, and a Buddha definitely comes to a golden statue. Behind him, three arms are glaring at us, and each arm is a seemingly weak instrument. Haha, do you see that this is my dharma? Now do you feel small? In the laughter, Sakyamuni turned into a golden light, and one of them was integrated into the golden statue. I read a knife for Buddhist treasures in the hands of the fierce Buddha in the Buddha’s world, the Moher mirror, the
If you want me, no one can hurt the emperor. Although I feel the pressure of the golden body, I still refuse to retreat. The white light is even more dazzling.
Good. You are all going to die, so go together. Sakyamuni Mousse reached out and held a glittering small mirror in his hand. I thought it was the Moher mirror.
Hehe, it’s as if I’m a fish guy. I’m a little cold. Don’t start work yet, so let me meet this golden posture. My magic sword fairyland will be filled with heavenly lotus, even if he is a Buddha, there is a fight.
But the emperor slight cold wanted to say something, but I interrupted him. Okay, slight cold is obedient. Just protect them. Here, it gave me a domineering momentum, which made it fly to Linger next to them from opposing good.
Are you crazy? You’ve reached the realm of the sword god. Maybe I’ll fight hard, but now? You die. The sharp eyes of Sakyamuni’s eyes flashed, and an aurora in the Moher mirror came straight at me.
You don’t think much of me, don’t you? If you don’t avoid flashing, the sword body will directly reflect that ferocious totem of aurora, reflecting a rare luster.
God beast is ferocious. I was taken aback when I saw the sword totem Sakyamuni Mousse. You really surprised me. You returned the sword and sealed the ancient god beast.
What, are you afraid that I’ll ponder and laugh and point my finger at his eyebrows?
I’m afraid of hum. Even Gu Yinglong is here, I’m afraid of Sakyamuni’s mousse and reaching out with one hand. That arm is wrapped in a ribbon. I’m tied with a dragon silk in my hand. You’re so ferocious that you can’t get it. Go.
Then let’s try it. I know so much about it. I don’t believe that the band in his hand can hold it. A bright light bursts in front of me.
Since you don’t believe in this evil, I’ll let you see the power of this bundle of dragon silk. Sakyamuni seeks an arm to be ferocious, and the bundle of dragon silk takes off its arm and goes straight to be ferocious.
Roar ferocious see the ribbon roll to send an earth-shattering huge roar huge tail greeted with amazing speed, I am in this blow the ribbon will surely be hit, but the fact is that it is not the case. See the beam of dragon silk after the collision of the ferocious giant tail, instead of being hit, it is still wrapped around the ferocious giant tail and wants to wrap it up.
How’s it going now? Sakyamuni stretched out his arm again, this time with a bead in his palm.
Hum, if you want me to have a sword in my hand and I’m afraid of my body shape, if I stab it in my hand, the goal is to lose one arm of Shu Long Ling.
You hit a sword and Sakyamuni’s wooden bead fluttered and gave off a dazzling golden light. Generally, my sword actually went ferocious in front of it. In my wooden bead, your efforts were different from those of Sakyamuni’s begging for fish. I can’t tell whether he changed places or he changed all of us, but I didn’t have any intention to stop. This sword still went straight to ferocious, but the target was changed to a ferocious one. Half of the body was tied with a dragon silk, and the dragon silk was stabbed in the sky and turned into a fast-flushers.
Your Sakyamuni looks angry. Don’t you dare to ruin my Buddhist treasure. Two golden lights come to me at the same time. It is the Fuxian Ring that deceives the sky wheel.
Roar ferocious giant tail swept again, but it rolled me up. With those two Buddha treasures, I hit my giant tail, and a pair of front paws sent out a ray of thunder to grasp the two Buddha treasures.
Beast, I dare to Sakyamuni, for fear that the two treasures will lose their anger and drink in anger. After a while, the seal of God in my hand came to ferocious again.
The lightning struck the sky to be ferocious, not to catch the two Buddha treasures, but to remember the lightning struck the sky and suffered a seal. On that day, the thunder finally struck Sakyamuni.
I know things, I have a wooden bead, and how can you hit me? The power of asking for fish from a wooden bead has once again launched that amazing thunder, which actually dropped the forwarding direction and struck me ferocious twice.
Samsara Road, Heaven Road, Round Wheel, Terrible Giant Tail Protection, Rushing Samsara Splendid Now, the oncoming thunder at the tip of the sword turned to Sakyamuni once again, and the samsara force directly overwhelmed the edge wooden beads, and there was no suspense. Lightning struck Sakyamuni that day.
Damn it, the mess escaped from that thunder, and there was a flicker of fear in Sakyamuni’s eyes. You will be reincarnated in your hands. Who are you?