Even though the central barrier of the world is a hundred times outside, it is still burned and twisted by the top shenhuo of the two kinds of chaos. In the shenhuo, the sword is filled with a strange smell. This smell is not strong or weak, which is a kind of weird and unpredictable.


With the essence decreasing, the sword breath becomes more and more ethereal. Even the refiner is a little uncertain about the quantity. After all, the quantity has not refined the chaotic treasure. Every chaotic treasure in chaos is a vector bred and evolved by Chaos Avenue himself. This is the first time to directly refine it so far.
The more subtle the breath is, the more careful you are in refining. Yuan Shenli avoids the virtual spirit fire. Observing the variation in the evolution of the measuring sword in the gap, when the essence of the last extinct mill is burned into the measuring sword by two kinds of shenli, the ethereal breath of the sword body suddenly changes, and a sharp-edged breath rises from the sword body.
Barriers can no longer bear crashing and breaking at the moment. Suddenly, Fiona Fang’s 10,000-meter cracks are densely covered with chaos, and the top three laws of power are rampant in this chaotic world center in Fiona Fang. The amount of broken face has changed and quickly flicker away from this right and wrong place. Even if it is repaired to this point, it cannot be regarded.
Due to the force of law, the divine power of Yuan has been recovered, and there is also a trace of control over the measuring sword. I can’t peek at it, but I can see it from the outside, but I can feel that everything is normal from my mind.
Just as the amount of anxiety was pacing outside, the measuring sword had a new change and absorbed the essence of the whole extinction mill. At this time, the sword body was no longer the previous silvery white sword body, and the combination of silvery white and dark blended out the sauce red after blood coagulation and drying.
The color has changed, the length has increased by more than two feet, reaching a little more than five feet, and the width of the sword body is also wider than before. Compared with the three fingers, the width is already the size of a palm, and the momentum is no longer ethereal, but it is very light. The whole sword looks thicker and more solemn.
After the sword was finalized, it raged for thousands of meters, and it was calm to measure it. I quickly came to the sword and stretched out my hand to hold it in my hand. But as soon as I got it, I quickly threw it away, but I threw it tightly and slowly, and a burnt meat smell still spread from his palm.
Throwing a sword hilt by the amount, a sober and bloody palm is imprinted on the edge. The sword has just been refined, and the chaotic shenhuo and the virtual spirit fire are left in the body of the sword. The amount of heat has not dissipated, and the amount of natural burns is caught. Looking at the creeping recovery little by little, the palm face is full of nai.
After a few breaths, the amount of injury recovery once again looked at the vector sword. Suddenly, the mind moved. A purple gas appeared beside him. Just now, it suddenly occurred to me that he killed the death monarch and got a HarmonyOS purple gas from the body of the death monarch. Now, the sword has just advanced. Isn’t it just the time when HarmonyOS purple gas stabilized its foundation?
But as soon as HarmonyOS Ziqi appeared, he saw that it was out of his control and flew to the world source. In the eyes of surprise, the law of death was that HarmonyOS Ziqi was divided into three parts by the world source, and three smaller HarmonyOS Ziqi. This scene made the quantity a bit awkward, but the scene made the quantity doubt disappear completely.
One minute and three minutes, HarmonyOS purple gas was automatically supplemented by the world source after supplementing some world sources. Once again, the length was restored to before being divided. Then three HarmonyOS purple gases flew out of the world source and got into the measuring sword. As the purple gas got into the measuring sword, a strong colorful chaotic light broke out and then gathered.
It seems vaguely white to see this amount. In his mind, Tianbao Pangu axe broke into three pieces after it could not bear the pressure of heaven. These three pieces of Tianbao chaos clock Pangu Zan and Taiji Map all contain a HarmonyOS purple gas, which means that it takes three HarmonyOS purple gases to become a chaotic treasure completely.
No matter in the wild or in chaos, HarmonyOS purple gas belongs to the impossible. If we let the quantity collect three HarmonyOS purple gases, we may not want to refine the chaotic treasure now. At most, we will refine a semi-finished chaotic treasure with chaotic treasure material but no chaotic treasure spirit, which will eventually require three complete laws.
Pangu Zan is the strongest attack power in the Three Treasures of Heaven, and it can also become destructive power. In the Three Treasures of Heaven, both Tai Chi and chaos clock are inferior to Pangu Zan in attack power. If you hold Pangu Zan in hand in battle, it will continuously produce chaotic shock wave. Then the purple gas attribute of HarmonyOS in Pangu Zan should be the law of destruction.
Chaos clock contains HarmonyOS purple gas attribute, which should be a balance between the heavens and the earth. It was Pangu who struck three times and chaos clock stabilized the newly created world. The Taiji map contains HarmonyOS purple gas attribute, which should be suppressed. It is precisely because of the Taiji graphic connection between heaven and earth that the geomantic fire raging in heaven and earth was suppressed.
After sorting things out, I breathed a sigh of relief. Since it is an inevitable step in the advanced stage, I need to worry about the last point of my mind. I will look back not far away and look like a sword. He looked at the sword and held out his right hand. "Whoosh!" A sword cut through the void and came to his hand.
Holding a freshly baked measuring sword in hand, a person looks at it again and again, but he never gives up his magical power. He observes every part of the measuring sword like a microscope. However, when the measuring sword is carefully studied, what is the difference between the advanced measuring sword and the former, the chaotic world outside is slowly changing because of a man refining chaotic treasures.
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Chapter 54 Chaos Thunder Punishs Magic Du Jie
Something strange happened in the chaotic world was quickly fed back by the quantitative world. At the source, he frowned and looked at the cloud that had gathered outside him and Houdi’s closed abode of fairies and immortals. He felt a chill and his mouth was a little bitter.’ This is a sign of punishment! "
Just as the quantity was still hesitating whether to go out to resist the thunder punishment, the newly-released measuring sword made a choice for him, and it was always in his hand, and the measuring sword suddenly got out of his control.
"whoosh!" As soon as I crossed the barrier of the quantitative world and came to the chaotic world, I was exposed to the cloud that robbed me for hundreds of millions of miles.
Measure the sword by appearing suddenly, those who are at a loss to know the cloud are coming towards the measure sword as quickly as finding a nest at this moment.
Blink of an eye, Fiona Fang’s millions of miles robbed the cloud in a crazy surge, and the volume was reduced to a million miles away
At that time, there was a strange scene in the chaos of Fiona Fang’s millions of miles. On one side, a long sword with a sauce red stood proudly, and on the other side, it was a black cloud with "invisible head and invisible tail" paint, which was constantly interspersed with silver-white thunder that set off the surrounding atmosphere.
When everyone was silent in this scene, I don’t know how long it would take to meet the beautiful scenery, a slender figure appeared on the side of the sword and suddenly joined this figure. There was no sense of disobedience in the picture.
What makes people even more angry is that a pair of powerful big hands firmly hold the hilt of a long sword, even if you show up, but why do you want to grab a long sword?
Ignore those lucky people who are lucky enough to see this huge scene in Du Jie, hold the measuring sword in a large amount, and a substantial surge suddenly rises from the bottom of my heart. His eyes are straight and hooked, and he looks at the clouds floating in the chaos of the semi-Weifu, without any fear, and he is calm after being excited and fully aware.
Staring at it for a while, he finally put the horizontal sword and changed hands to hold the hilt in his right hand. He held the sword and looked at Jieyun lightly in his mouth. "Come on! Let me see whether it is a severe punishment or a chaotic punishment! "
The sudden appearance of being rejected suddenly means staying in the quantitative world and struggling with thousands of components.
In the face of such a huge cloud robbery, it is also a palpitation. He is not sure that he can survive this lightning robbery safely at the moment. Of course, everything has two sides. If the amount does not want to cross, he can avoid it. The chaotic world of the world will naturally not find him.
It is doomed to be a rogue, and there is no way to take it. But who ever thought that people are not as good as the sky? When he wanted to drag and didn’t want to go out, he measured his sword beside him and ran out without seeing it clearly, even if the amount was repeatedly recalled, it would not help.
He felt that his position had been provoked by the measuring sword, and he vowed to punish him well after the thunder disaster to let him know that he didn’t respect the command field.
The sword ran out without permission, but instead of chasing it out for the first time, a person was alone, looking at the scene outside, his face changed a lot, sometimes he was angry, sometimes he was worried, sometimes he was livid and sometimes he was worried.
At that time, the look of mixed feelings was constantly alternating, and when he hesitated in his heart, he looked up and saw the face of the huge robbery cloud and stood proudly and measured the sword, and his heart suddenly realized.
Thousands of thoughts and thousands of thoughts finally settled on the measuring sword, and the proud posture and look became extremely firm.
"Is it not Du Jie! Afraid of what! If you spend it, you’ll get a chaotic treasure, but it’s not too dangerous. "When it comes to this amount, you can’t help but comfort yourself in your heart."
"Besides, this robbery may not be over. You know," the aura of pig’s feet is very powerful. "Thinking of this amount, a world source force emerges from the soles of your feet, and the whole person instantly disappears in the source and appears next to the measuring sword.
The volume of the cloud seems to have been constantly tumbling, and it seems that the culprit has been found again, and the volume has once again shrunk to 100,000 miles away.
Billions of miles of robbery cloud has shrunk. Although it has shrunk in size, it reveals momentum without reducing it. Instead, don’t get stronger and sharper.

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