"oh! Yes, we are really old and confused. I didn’t expect such a simple question. I thought of it as soon as I was a third brother! " At this moment Hou Tieying and skyhawk are also a face of an epiphany to praise the eagle.


At this moment, Zhang Xiao’s genius reacted that the flying eagle said it was a basket, but obviously that was wrong. Those three people were all old monsters who had lived for more than 100 years. When they traveled through the streets in the mountains, it was still the national period of the Qing Dynasty. Now, who is still weighing the basket in the street? Although Zhang Xiaotian himself didn’t guess what it was, it was obviously wrong for Fei Lao to say that Zhang Xiaotian looked at his brother and waited for him to tell the answer.
Yang Xiao saw Fei Lao with a proud face and an iron old face with remorse. I couldn’t help thinking in distress situation that this is really the case that he slapped his chest and said that he was a talented person.
At this time, people also looked at Yang Xiao with a look that we said right.
Yang Xiao to see but couldn’t help wry smile way "have to say that people’s mind is really unparalleled! It’s too complicated to think about things. Don’t you know that shopping costs money? "
"money?" Zhang Xiaotian four ghosts are stunned. What money? Renminbi? Dollars? Or gold and silver?
"Yes, if you don’t take money, is everything for you?" Yang Xiao gave them a white look and said
"Ah! Yes, I didn’t think of such a simple question! Well, that’s right. At that time, we all ate the overlord meal! " The eagle couldn’t help shouting a chagrin and saying
And the old man and the iron second ghost are embarrassed.
Zhang Xiaotian carefully asked, "I don’t know what money is in the ghost world? It won’t be burning Mingbi, will it? " I’m in the dark, but I’m testing the ghost world. Most of them are ancient people. It’s not collecting gold and silver, is it? In that case, it’s really troublesome to rob a bank!
"Of course not! Money is either valuable or rare, and the ghost currency is the soul currency. "Yang Xiao said grumpily, but he felt proud in his heart. Usually, it is the eldest brother and people who teach themselves how to teach them a lesson. I couldn’t help but feel proud when I thought of this.
"Soul coins?" Sure enough, Zhang Tianhe and people are all puzzled.
"Yes soul currency! One soul stone equals ten soul coins! " Yang Xiao nodded and said
"Soul stone? What is the soul stone? " People are confused again. Why is there another soul stone?
There is a thoughtful soul stone in Zhang Xiaotian. When he first became a ghost monk, he and his brother heard two ghost monks talk about it, but they sounded as if the soul stone was quite valuable. It was the time of cultivation.
"In fact, the soul stone is the currency in hell, but it is the auxiliary we need when practicing ghost, from which we can quickly absorb the soul force, which is extracted from the soul stone mine. However, I heard that the soul stone mine in this secular world is quite few and small, and how can we cut a soul stone into ten parts compared with the repair in hell? However, the soul stone mine in the secular world is guarded by various forces, which is also the biggest reliance and income of each force. Generally, we don’t want to go to the soul stone mine to collect soul stones. Yang Xiao slowly told what he knew.
The night is quiet.
On a street, there are street lamps flashing with faint lights, and from time to time there are several ghosts floating through them.
Night is a weak ghost.
Zhang Xiaotian brothers walked slowly in this silent street.
"Brother! I’m going to have to treat you like you’re too tired to be caught by anyone, "Zhang Xiaotian said jokingly."
"What?" Yang Xiao asked doubtfully.
"You this is a radar! When I asked you to make the magical power of Yin and Yang, I was hiding in our Fiona Fang 300-meter ghost repair center. Do you think it’s awesome? If you are caught by any force, you can catch it just by letting them take you to catch ghosts! " Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile.
It turns out that Yang Xiao said that the only way to get soul coins was to catch ghosts in Zhang Xiaotian. After knowing it, he didn’t say much. He immediately took Yang Xiao and went to the street to catch ghosts. No one could let Yang Xiao have this radar thing.
Sure enough, Yang Xiao wants a shipment of Yin and Yang Eye Avatar, which can be repaired in Fiona Fang for 300 meters at once, but there are at least one or two. Plus Fang City, this kind of transaction is to manage the quantity regardless of the quality, and they will choose to avoid the strong and find the weak. In the middle of the night, Zhang Xiaotian and his brothers caught 70 ghost repairs, and they have Yang Xiao’s radar observation and don’t worry about what danger they will encounter.
Fortunately, black and white magic weapons all have ghost repair function, and Yang Xiaodi can get this bronze medal-level crying stick as many as one hundred. Otherwise, even though Zhang Xiaotian has caught so many ghosts, there is really no place for them to stay. This time, Zhang Xiaotian got some soul rope from Su Tai and them, but it is not convenient to let them tie them all up with this rope and sneak away at the back. The ghost saw it from far away, so it had to be scared away early.
"Elder brother, it’s nice for you to say that you don’t know my brother. I caught a ghost in the middle of the night. My eyes of yin and yang have been exhausted in the middle of the night. I have to have a good sleep when I go back." Yang Xiao said with a sad face
"Ha ha, you are content. You also said that black and white often catch ghosts. Two and one piece a night may not be able to catch ten ghosts. We just caught seventy in the middle of the night, which is much better than the real black and white! If you let them know that you have this matter, maybe even blood will have to catch you and give you to them as a radar. Then you will be so tired every day! " Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile.
Yang Xiao has a wry smile.
"Why don’t you have a rest? Don’t make a blind eye. Anyway, it’s almost dawn, and we should go back. I believe there will be no danger at this point! " Zhang Xiaotian looked at his brother that really tired eyes couldn’t help but love dearly said.
"Well, I’ll stop for a while. Then you have to pay attention!" Yang Xiao was really tired and nodded and promised.
"oh! Run, black and white often come to detain the soul! "
"Oh dear! Who just tripped me? Shit! If let the old know mom always with you … "
"I said, brother, stop whining here, okay? You’ll always come after me, you know?"
Suddenly five or six ghosts came running from one end of the street and shouted.
Zhang Xiaotian and Yang Xiaodi didn’t see them in a lane next to them.
Zhang Tianhe and Yang Xiao both smiled at each other at this moment.
Yang Xiao to this just stopped for a moment, Yin and Yang eyes unexpectedly appeared this kind of thing.
"Alas, old age is bitter!" Yang Xiao murmured that there was no way to make Yin and Yang eyes again.
After a while Yang Xiao looked at his brother and nodded his head.
Then the two brothers flashed out of the lane at the same time and shouted "Hey! Dude, run this way! "