Guping has always been a salute to Chang Yuer. At this time, I don’t know how to comfort myself. I looked up and saw the black foothills of Mount Li. He had a brainwave and said, "You are crying like this, so be careful to disturb Nu Wa’s empress to sleep."


How to get to the Buddha? The woman didn’t believe or disrespect Chang Yuer. She cried and asked in amazement.
Although Guping came to Xi ‘an for the first time, he read the water classics of Li Daoyuan in the Northern Wei Dynasty, and the water classics of Chang ‘an Jingwei Branch were very detailed. By the way, he went to Mount Li in the suburb of Chang ‘an.
Xiang Lishan is the daughter of Nu Wa Niangniang. She often comes here to visit her daughter Xifeng’s old mother’s temple to worship this ancient great god. It is said that it works very well.
Really? Then I must go to the mountain one day and pray for the empress to bless our family and the ancient eldest brother Chang Yuer, looking at the misty night and awe in Mount Li.
Pray for God, not yourself. You worship Buddha, then Wang Tiangui worships more often. Which Guping do you say is blessed by God and Buddha? There is a lot to talk about tonight. First, I feel that Chang Yuer cares about myself. Second, I want her to know that Chang Jia has been trying to pay back. Even after coming to Xi’ an, things are not smooth. Guping also wants to find someone to express her feelings quickly.
When he put Wang Tiangui’s lotus jar in the temple to kill a person, he lit a lamp and Ding Erchao exposed him in Jin Hu before he was killed. All these things were said and Chang Yuer was dumbfounded.
How can this happen? She can’t imagine that anyone will kill a city of beggars and pay for a few dogs. More importantly, she can’t believe that people have swallowed up the money for treating the plague and made a village almost die.
I knew these things earlier than Ding Erchao Feng. Liu Heita told Guping these secrets in Evil Tiger Valley. As soon as he got back to the city, he secretly verified the knot and found something strange in the temple lamp oil book. He also found out the tragedy in Youlugou Village. Wang Tiangui embezzled the relief money, but he never found a chance to expose it.
You have to hit a snake seven inches, or you will be bitten back. Ding Erchao Feng is an example. This is enough to bring down Wang Tiangui, but you can’t do it without one person. I came back to Xi’ an to find this person.
Who often asks her eagerly?
I don’t know Guping shook his head. I know that this person must hold a high position and be impartial. He has to go to Shanxi in a flash to handle the case so that Wang Tiangui can’t collude with the local government to take bribes and sell it. You know, Wang Tiangui has seven official titles.
He paused and added, I don’t trust all the officials in a province in Shanxi. It’s a godsend to take this opportunity to come to Xi ‘an. I think the idea of helping the Kang family run their business is to stay in Xi ‘an as long as possible so that I can have a chance to find an official who I can confide in and do my best.
Oh, I get it, Brother Gu. Now you are playing a game step by step like chess. Finally, Wang Tiangui, the evil wolf, is wiped out at one stroke, and Chang Yuer’s eyes are now bright.
The key to this bureau is that when the immortal finds his bureau, it will be more than half. Guping said firmly
I’m sure I can find Chang Yuer who smiled heartily. Guping has never seen her smile like this since she came to the desert. Guping, who was full of worries, also laughed together.
On this night, she talked for a night at the foot of Mount Li, near the Kowloon Lake, about the desert, about the house of Qi Ling, Sun Er Ling, and others. Chang Yuer talked about her mother, Gu Ping, and missed her relatives in her hometown. They both laughed and sighed sometimes, and both of them felt that they had not been so happy for a long time.
From the dancing of the moon shadow to the disappearance of Qixing, a mist appeared on the lake at dawn. From time to time, the fish splashed to eat the broken flowers on the lake, and the mountain shadow became dreamy. I don’t know when they stopped talking, but they all stared at the beautiful scenery and forgot the troubles of the world.
However, the trouble is that I can’t forget my brow, but my heart is suddenly alert and dark, and I almost missed the big event.
Miss Chang, today is the bidding convention day. I have to hurry back to the city or I can’t come.
You go, Brother Gu. Don’t worry about me. I can take good care of myself. Chang Yuer, after a night of talking last night, felt a lot better and smiled shyly. Let me walk you to the mountain gate.
The two of them walked out through the quiet house, walked around the stone path, and suddenly heard a creaking door outside the bamboo fence. From the inside, a young man in a cocoon and silk trousers looked up and looked at each other.
Li Qin
GuPing frowned to speak suddenly stare big eyes beside Chang Yuer also cover your mouth and send half exclaimed.
Coming from behind Li Qin didn’t mean to see her face dizzy, red-headed hair pin, exposed white neck and a hickey.
At that time, all four people were shocked. Instead, Li Qin blinked and suddenly gave Guping a grin and said, "Good morning, ancient shopkeeper."
Guping Rao is witty and unprepared for a while. She nodded slightly and then looked at her. At first, she was dismayed, but she wanted to say something with regret in her eyes, but she shut up and looked at Guping again. She changed her face as if nothing had happened, with some mocking expressions.
Let’s go first. Guping whispered to Chang Yuer. When he came to the mountain gate, he told Chang Yuer to be more careful and hurried back to the city.
Li Qin was happy here. He saw Guping together outside the city that day, and was moved by the beauty of Italy. Later, in the city, Su Zixuan was angry and took Chang Yuer to Huaqing Pool. He volunteered to be safe, so it was not a good idea to get rid of Guping by the way.
Last night, when he returned to the refined house, he found that the person who wanted to drown his sorrows by drinking alone was as drunk as a fiddler. Although he didn’t have much alcohol, at this time, he took advantage of the drink. After three rounds of drinking, he was already attracted by the stars, and the candle was blown into the hibiscus account, which became a good thing.
Early together, he also thought it necessary to make a fool of himself, folding a belly full of words, ready to persuade him that he didn’t cry or make trouble, but he looked at Luo Zhang stupefied and thought for a long time. Now he saw Gu Ping, and he didn’t show any anger. Li Qin was puzzled by Zhang Ergang, who in turn asked him.
Aren’t you a Guping woman?