"Su Yijun is really amazing!" Snow dance worship eyes looked at Sue orange.


"No, it’s easy."
I’m really embarrassed to be praised for Su Orange suddenly!
"Ha ha! You are really amazing! Just one day, I actually sent out a pet bag. "
A familiar middle-aged man sounded
Su Chen looked up and had dinner together last night. Vicky came out of the living room with a bright smile on her face.
"Hello, Mr. Vicky." Sue orange got up.
"You’re welcome. I brought the company contract here today. See if there is any need to adjust and supplement the place. We can negotiate again."
"contract?" Sue orange slightly one leng.
Snow Dance explained that "it was yesterday that my father and you started from the patent contract, and Uncle Vicky’s company planned to operate the patent business of Su Chenjun’s cooking."
Oh, I see!
Sue orange is the agent of the Dean’s Association. I didn’t expect to let her negotiate and sign the contract in person. It is worthy of being Sakura Blue College and very humane and respectful to the parties.
"That’s a few simple dishes. There’s no need to bother." Sue Orange said politely.
Vicky shook his head. "It may seem simple to you, but now that we have applied for a patent, we are doing business. Of course, you have to sign and agree in person before the contract can be detailed and paid. If Su Chenjun has any dissatisfaction or requirements, he can come out and I will go back to the company to discuss with them."
Snow dance invited "why don’t we go to the living room! I just made coffee. "
The decoration is simple, fashionable and the color is warm. In the living room, the Soviet orange was sent to the front, and the contract was probably glanced at and was shocked by the huge figures!
"Can my patent be worth so much money?" Su orange asked her doubtfully that she didn’t want to be taken care of because she was a student. After all, these were common foods in the former world.
"Of course, this is only one year. The commercial value that these convenient foods can create is enormous. In addition to wrapping rolls and dumplings, pickled eggs and pickles can also be made into assembly lines, which can be sold in supermarkets and shops and sold all over the country, bringing great shit to everyone’s life. The instant noodle making method also has immeasurable commercial value. Su Chenjun has made a variety of flavors. This is great!"
Vicky was full of praise for Su Orange, and his tone was very sincere.
Seeing Su Orange still hesitating, Changying said, "If you have any objection, you can come out directly. You don’t have to worry. Even if the contract payment is inappropriate, it can be discussed and modified."
"Well, that’s right!" Vicky nodded.
"Since these are convenient for people to create value, I have no objection, but one thing …"
"Go ahead."
Changying encourages the students of Sakura Blue College to look at Su Orange’s body and see if their academic performance is good or not. They need wisdom and courage to negotiate with business partners! Only in this way can knowledge be transformed into productivity and a real winner in life!
As a dean, he respects every student’s idea, even if it is beneficial to the college, if the students give up or refuse, he will not be forced.
I want to donate half of them to our school.
Snow Dance looked at Su Orange in disbelief. She knew that he was an ordinary family. Would it be too hasty to donate half of the money easily?
Changying said, "You don’t have to consider the interests of the school. It is my duty to strive for the best interests of the students. Besides, almost all of Sakura Blue College are noble brothers, so there is no shortage of education funds every year."
Su Orange calmly and seriously said, "I am naturally grateful to Sakura Blue University and the Dean, but I have my own ideas and goals for donating this money to the school. As the Dean said, almost all of them are noble brothers, and civilian students like my sister and I should be very few! Cherry Blue College has the best educational resources. Is it a pity if it is in a certain fixed circle? Wouldn’t it be more meaningful if more civilian students could join in and give more students with ideals and ambitions a good learning environment? After all, the rejuvenation of a nation or country depends not on a few people but on the strength of the people! "
After listening to Su Orange’s remarks, Changying felt a little ashamed. "I didn’t expect these words to come from my students’ mouths. This has always been the wish of my educators. Unfortunately, our education funds come from nobles. Without the consent of the Council, it is difficult to recruit a large number of students into the school."
Vicky laughed. "Yes, this is a very real problem. Although resource monopoly is not conducive to the development of the whole education sector, it can ensure the interests of a few people to the greatest extent. However, if Su Chenjun is willing to invest in education, I think those old-fashioned members of the Council will not be able to interfere!"
Snow Dance excitedly said, "Great! If so, our college will add more fresh blood and help more young people!" "
The long eagle pondered, "Su Chen should consider this matter carefully again!"
Su Orange firmly said, "No need. I have considered it very clearly. If civilians can enter Sakura Blue College, I am willing to donate some funds."
"all right! Since you are so determined, I will strive for everyone’s support and approval from the board meeting. If it is feasible, we will implement it in a planned way. After all, expanding the number of students is not a simple matter. The existing resources of the school are limited, or it is necessary to expand the campus to recruit more excellent classrooms. It is very necessary to mobilize more philanthropists to participate, so that it can be realized. "
"Thank you, Dean!" Sue orange sincerely admires this young, kind and respected dean.
If such things were changed to former public colleges and schools, it would be impossible for leaders to listen to students’ opinions.
But here, speech is freedom.
Su orange didn’t expect that she was a poor student before she came, but now she has become a multimillionaire.
Since the dean accepted half the donation and left a large sum of money, she could do other things.
This is also her real meaning to dig the first bucket of gold in life! And it’s a big bucket!
Chapter ninety Su Chen gentleman save me … It hurts …
When she came out from the living room after signing the contract and eating the celebration dinner, Xuewu thanked her again and again. "Su Chenjun is the most caring and masculine boy I have ever seen. It would be great if I could help more students!"
"Su Chen jun do pet bag is great! Moreover, Uncle Vicky said that he is also very interested in pet food, and maybe he will sign a second contract soon. Su Chenjun is really great! "
Listening to the praise words of the snow dance and looking at the almost pious eyes, Su Orange Heart has never been happy and happy.
Only girls who are pure, kind and full of love will be interested in welfare!
A caring girl is really the cutest!
Unfortunately, he was a poor student and failed to give his girlfriend anything but verbal promises.
So she would rather pay more in this life.
After walking far from the dean’s house, Su Orange still feels that her feet are light and rich, which is really good!
But she is not going to tell her mother and Su pomelo about it for the time being.
If you tell your mother that she is naturally happy, but it is hard to guarantee that you will tell Su You, and it has been enough for your mother to live for a long time to get a bonus for participating in school activities.
Su pomelo’s character is extravagant and ruined, even if there is no amount of money, it can’t be carried.