"I need to sell some medicinal materials in Fang city; Buy a batch of things at the same time. Because of the large quantity, I wonder if you would like to help me do these things well? Rest assured; Lingshi won’t be without you after the job is done. "


Hear Sunday; The monk couldn’t help but shine at the moment. Originally, he thought Sunday was just a slightly bigger customer, and he gave it a preferential price because he was in urgent need of Lingshi. But don’t want to fix true Fang city on Sunday, since it is for the sake of purchasing, knowing how much benefits this kind of customer can bring to himself, the monk was still calm in mind and couldn’t help being disturbed by that sentence on Sunday.
But fortunately, the monk is in this line of work. Although he is a little utilitarian because he is in urgent need of Lingshi, he has not been in contact with customers like Sunday before. For a while, I was absent only because Sunday’s purpose was different from his original estimate, and I had relevant experience; Less than a moment’s effort; After the monk came to his senses; It also immediately responded.
"I’m very familiar with the fix true square city; No matter what you want to sell, I can find the best buyer for you, of course; If you need to buy something, I can also take you to the most suitable shop to buy it. Just don’t know what you want to buy; What do you want to sell? "
"well; I need to buy … "After Sunday reported all the names of medicinal materials that Royal Sister asked her to buy in one breath, she added," But I don’t have ready-made Lingshi now, so I need to sell some things in exchange for Lingshi first. I wonder if you know where to accept low-grade medicinal materials? "
"This!" When I first listened to Sunday’s report on the medicinal materials I needed to buy; The monk was almost not excited to death, but all kinds of medicinal materials. If it is really necessary to go through his procedure to buy these medicinal materials on Sunday, both sides will benefit from it. After the monk estimated his income, he immediately felt his heart beat faster. Unfortunately; With the words behind Sunday; The monk is hard to avoid at that time had a feeling of disappointment, doesn’t even have LingShi; Just selling low-grade medicinal materials, thinking that it was difficult to get enough Lingshi on Sunday because he didn’t know the market, thinking that his business was going to be ruined, when the monk even answered Sunday’s question; It seems a little weak.
"In this square city; Few people will accept low-grade medicinal materials, but I know that there is a pharmacy that refines a large number of small return pills for sale, so there is a demand for some corresponding low-grade medicinal materials. If the medicinal materials you want to sell are in the prescription of small return pills, you can easily sell them all. Otherwise; Want to deal with low-grade medicinal materials in Fang city, that is not an easy thing, after all, for our monks; Those things are not precious; I didn’t get the value of this Xiuzhenfang city to trade at all. "
"Anyway; Or trouble you to take me to the drugstore, as for the reward; But I can’t give it to you until I sell the medicine. "
"It doesn’t matter; Please come with me. " Although a little disappointed; At the same time, I don’t have much hope for Sunday’s economic ability. But at the moment, Sunday is still his customer, and there is no need to worry about who dares to default in this city, so after hearing Sunday’s request; The monk or honestly will Sunday toward fang brought in the city …
What do you do in this business? The city of Fix True Square, which feels strange on Sunday, is like each other’s home. After the monk led Sunday through a few blocks, he was familiar with it and led Sunday to a very remote drugstore.
"lone wolf; This is the newcomer you brought! How; What are you doing in our little shop? It is impossible for this newcomer to come to Xiuzhenfang City just to buy Xiaohuandan! " Obviously; The drugstore owner knew the monk very well and saw him come in. Didn’t even get up; After a casual greeting; He also directly asked about his purpose.
"My employer wants to sell some low-grade medicinal materials, and I believe that there will be no other pharmacies besides your broken shop. Otherwise; I really don’t want to bring him to you, a cheapskate, because the price is so low every time. I don’t know that you have the money to open a shop in this city; Why not take more lingshi out to decorate your broken shop? Please ask a few more advanced Dan medicines to do business. "
"I don’t need you to manage how to do business; Just mind your own business, and I won’t bother you here. " Say that finish; The shopkeeper will no longer pay attention to the monk named lone wolf, and directly turned to Sunday and asked; "Guest, what’s your name? I don’t know what to call it. Although the store buys medicinal materials; However, only the medicinal materials used for refining Xiaohuandan were purchased. Moreover; Because the store rent in this Fang city is relatively high, the price may be low, if you are not in a hurry to use Lingshi; I suggest that it’s better for guests to sell in those outside markets. Compared with this Xiuzhenfang market, the demand for low-grade medicinal materials in those outside markets is greater. "

Chapter ninety Selling medicine
"Which have you do business like this; Since people come to sell medicine, you still suggest that people sell it outside, if they want to deal with it outside; How could he possibly come to your broken shop? " Hear the owner’s words; There was no response on Sunday, but the lone wolf was already anxious first.
Sunday knows the idea of a lone wolf; Before, I had already indicated that I didn’t have a stone, if I didn’t sell medicine in this store on Sunday; When the time comes, how can I pay for the lone wolf’s stone? It is impossible to give him some low-grade medicinal materials! Even if it is Sunday; I don’t necessarily want to be a lone wolf! For monks above Tsukiji; On Sunday, the low-grade medicinal materials in hand don’t have much effect. How can a lone wolf be willing to sell medicinal materials on Sunday?
However; Understand the lone wolf’s thoughts and understand his thoughts, and see the performance of the lone wolf’s self-assertion; Sunday still inevitably felt a little unhappy, frowning and looking at it; Finally think of each other’s role; Sunday still relaxed his expression, and at that time he replied to the shopkeeper: "I have a large number of medicinal materials, so if I trade them in the outside market;" I’m afraid I’ll get into trouble then, and the city of Xiuzhenfang may sell less lingshi, but it’s safe enough. Hmm; I just don’t know if your store can eat my goods? "
"As long as there is no problem with your medicine; Then I will eat as much as I can. " There is no hesitation at all; After listening to Sunday’s words, the owner of the drugstore didn’t even think about it, so he should have given Sunday’s words at that time.
"So good, well; I don’t know where to put the medicine. You can’t just throw it on the ground! " Looked around; On Sunday, I found that the pharmacy of the other party was too small, and there was no place to throw medicinal materials. I couldn’t help but ask the other party about the place to put medicine.
"Small shops operate on a small scale; There is no place specially prepared for placing medicinal materials. Just put the medicinal materials into this storage bag, and the three of us will count them then, if the quantity is correct; I will give you the stone at one time. "
Sunday hesitated; But when I think of the background of this city, I put my heart down again. After taking the storage bag handed me by the drugstore owner, I glanced around the inside at random and found that there was nothing fishy about the storage bag. On Sunday, I transferred tens of thousands of ginseng trees directly from the space and put them in.
Now Sunday’s space can be said to be a disaster of ginseng. I have never thought about planting other medicinal materials before, but I just see that this ginseng can help me improve my skill and plant a lot. Now the time difference between the outside and the space is constantly widening, and I stay outside for a day on Sunday; There are hundreds of ginseng seeds growing in the space, so stop this planting! It also wastes the land in the space, and if so, plant it like this! On Sunday, I feel that I will plant these low-grade medicinal materials on the land with too much space, and I will have better medicinal seeds; I’m afraid there won’t be enough land to grow.
So; On Sunday, in fact, I have already made up my mind. This time, I must clean up my own space in this city. I don’t want to sell all the low-grade medicinal materials, but I can leave one kind of seeds and older ones, and the others are really better kept than sold.
"well; Your storage bag is too small. You can’t put anything else in it until you put ten thousand ginseng. Why don’t you bring me another storage bag, and you can order something in this bag first. "
Looking at a face of innocence on Sunday; The drugstore owner first took a look at the storage bag and found that it was really filled with ginseng on Sunday; Can’t help but flash across a surprised expression on her face.
But in the end, the shopkeeper didn’t say much; While counting the number of ginseng with the lone wolf, he handed one storage bag after another to Sunday.
It’s not that drugstore owners don’t prepare some large storage bags, but the main reason is that the volume of medicinal materials is not large. Under normal circumstances; How many medicinal materials can the seller take out? The bigger the storage bag, the greater its value. Since there is no need for any large storage bag, what people naturally prepare is some small storage bags.
This drugstore used to use small storage bags, but nothing has happened, but now Sunday’s appearance is to make the shopkeeper change his mind. Even if it is a small thing like medicinal materials, when its quantity reaches a certain level; That area can also reach a certain scale.
One bag, two bags, three bags, with the action of Sunday; The drugstore owner’s forehead began to sweat. What did he just say? You can eat as many medicinal materials as you want, but now the value of these medicinal materials is early and it exceeds your budget. If you can’t take out Lingshi to buy each other’s medicinal materials; According to the rules of this city, if your current behavior is not, it will become a violation. Think about the punishment after the violation, and the drugstore owner is not afraid.
The other person’s expression was naturally seen on Sunday, but it didn’t stop his hand movement on Sunday. Low-grade medicinal materials are worthless, and maybe a few roots can sell such an inferior Lingshi. But there are many herbs in Sunday’s hand! Dozens of millions of low-level medicinal materials are thrown out, and no matter how worthless they are, they can now sell a large number of lingshi.
"guests; That’s enough, you take out more herbs; This store can’t eat any more, if you need it; I can introduce other people to you to buy these herbs, now this time; Just trade these for the time being! "
Hear the words of the lone wolf; After Sunday’s casual glance, I still stopped my hand. It wasn’t Zhou Naive’s hand that lived because of his face. The main reason was that the medicinal materials that should be cleaned up were almost cleaned up. If I take it down again; I’m afraid there’s not even any medicinal materials left for planting.
"Give you a face; That’s it for today. You can calculate how many Lingshi my herbs are worth! " The thoughts of the heart are naturally not spoken on Sunday, and they waved; A pair of atmospheric appearance, people who don’t know saw his performance; Maybe I really think there are more herbs in Sunday’s hand!
"Thank you for your understanding. Your medicinal materials are worth three top-grade lingshi and more than 90 product lingshi in total. For Daoyou’re willing to buy your medicinal materials at the price of four top-grade lingshi." Wipe the sweat on your head, and after seeing Sunday stop; The owner of the drugstore looked at it after Sunday, but immediately reported the value of those medicinal materials on Sunday.
The value of lingshi is increasing by a hundredfold. One top-grade lingshi is equal to 100 top-grade lingshi and 10,000 bottom-grade lingshi. And those medicinal materials in Sunday’s hand are ginseng worth some money; About a few trees can be replaced with an inferior lingshi. As for other medicinal materials, even a few kilograms can be exchanged for an inferior lingshi. So; Although the number of medicinal materials taken out on Sunday is quite a lot, if it really counts; It’s probably really only worth four top-grade lingshi.
Since the price given by the other party is fair; Sunday is too lazy to talk more, after nodding; Sunday is agreed to the deal.
However; When the owner of that famous shop handed four top-grade Lingshi to Sunday; On Sunday, he suddenly said at that time, "You have Dahuan Dan for sale in your drugstore! In addition to giving a top-grade lingshi to the lone wolf Taoist, all the others will be exchanged for Dahuandan! "
"Yes, yes, yes; I’ll get it right away. " Say that finish; After the owner of the drugstore handed the lone wolf a top-grade lingshi, he rummaged through his storage bag, and finally bottle after bottle of Dan medicine was found out by him, but in the end, after all the Dahuan Dan were taken out; But it can only be sad to Zhou Tiandao: "This Taoist friend; The store doesn’t have so many big pills, or I’ll return the rest of the lingshi to you. "
"No; Give me some other pills that can heal the wounds and strengthen the foundation, as long as the value is enough. "
"You away; This is the medicine you want. " Seeing Sunday, there was no manner of taking Lingshi seriously, and the owner of the drugstore was still a descendant of Sunday’s big family or sect, for this reason; When talking with Sunday, his tone was not polite for a few minutes.
On Sunday, I didn’t think so much; After receiving the Dan medicine handed by the other party, it was returned on Sunday; "I may still have some medicinal materials to deal with in the future, but I just don’t know if you can continue to eat here."
Hear Sunday; The owner of the drugstore was bright at the moment, patting his chest directly and assuring Sunday: "Daoyou is willing to sell me medicinal materials; That’s highly of me, and I’ll give you a bottom. The level of repairing truth in the land where I live is not high, and most people who repair truth still wander around these levels, so there is a great demand for Xiaohuandan, as long as Daoyou have medicinal materials there; The amount below ten top-grade lingshi; I can eat it next time. "
Sunday doesn’t care much about the income; However, this place was regarded as a treatment station for useless medicinal materials in space, so I didn’t neglect each other because of the small store. A few words of courtesy with each other again. On Sunday, after everything was handed over, I left the drugstore under the guidance of the lone wolf.

Chapter ninety-one Jubaoge
"Friends also need me to do something for you? Otherwise, I can’t find this top-grade stone you gave me. " As soon as he left the drugstore, the lone wolf immediately asked about Sunday’s Lingshi.
For this performance of the lone wolf; Sunday is very satisfactory, not for the lone wolf; The lone wolf’s character can only be said to be average; Sunday is satisfied with the rules and management of this city. Otherwise; If not fix true fang city management personnel have the ability to find out anyone who violates the rules and punish them, according to the value of a top grade LingShi, Sunday don’t believe the lone wolf after eating it; I will also think about finding a lingshi for myself.
After further confirming the enforcement of the rules of this city, it is naturally time for real action on Sunday.
Selling those medicinal materials is just a test of water on Sunday. If you really want to get the Lingshi to buy medicinal materials, Sunday can only rely on the wind apricot from beginning to end.
"I have a kind of fruit that can purify the spirit root of human wind system. I don’t know where it is most suitable to sell it in this city, if you can help me do it well; Not only the top grade Lingshi before belongs to you; I can also pay you an extra lingguo. I wonder if you are willing to take this business? "
"Willing, willing; There are three high-end shops in this Xiuzhenfang city. If you really have the kind of spiritual fruit that can change people’s spiritual roots, then I believe those three shops will be very willing to buy those spiritual fruits in your hands. "
"Which of the three shops has a better reputation?"
"My Lord; There are several large sects behind the three shops. Under normal circumstances, they won’t do anything illegal. After all, the city of Xiuzhenfang is jointly run by them. How can they destroy their own rules? "
"Oh!" Hear the words of the lone wolf; Sunday knew that he was oversensitive. After nodding his head, he also told him, "Then take me to the biggest of the three shops!"
"well; Daoyou, please follow me. " Say that finish; The lone wolf led the way in front and led Sunday in the other direction …
Not long after; Sunday followed the lone wolf to the other end of Fang city, speaking of which; This city of Xiuzhenfang is like two extremes. The place where I went on Sunday was full of stalls and small shops. But now, after following the lone wolf to the other end of Fang city, the situation in that area; But it is another situation.
If most of the goods sold in that area before were low-grade magic weapons and pills that only monks can use under the foundation period, then the goods sold in that area that arrived with the lone wolf on Sunday now seem to be the lowest and not lower than those used by monks in Yuan infant period, and the shops are relatively large one by one, as far as the situation is concerned; This area should be dedicated to those high-ranking monks.
When I think that every monk around me is better than myself for several orders; Sunday, as the heart to also really is raised a special feeling.
While looking around; On Sunday, I secretly observed the market price of some things in this city, and it was like this for about three or four minutes, under the guidance of a lone wolf; Sunday stopped at the door of a nine-story luxury shop.
"Daoyou; This shop is Jubaoge, one of the three largest high-rise shops in the city, with nine floors. It sells the items needed by each of the nine realms, because most of the things inside are of high quality; So many people like to shop here, if your Lingguo wants to sell for a good price; It is definitely a better choice to sell in this shop. "
"Let’s go in!" Seeing the lone wolf seems to want to continue to introduce it; Originally, it was only necessary to have a general understanding of the situation of this shop. On Sunday, naturally, there was no mind to listen any more, and after directly interrupting him rudely; It also took the lead into the treasure cabinet.
See Sunday’s reaction; The lone wolf’s face changed, but after finally thinking about the benefits made by Sunday, he hung up his face again at that time, as if Sunday had just said nothing, and he ran to the front again to bring up the road for Sunday.
"I don’t know what happened when this Taoist friend came to our Jubaoge?" When a steward saw Sunday and the lone wolf entering the cabinet; Immediately towards them to meet up. And as if the other party knew the identity of the lone wolf, he didn’t want to pay attention to the meaning of the lone wolf at all, so he asked about it directly on Sunday.
Since the steward didn’t want to ignore the lone wolf; Sunday nature also can’t be forced to let lone Wolf inserted into the deal.
"Well; I have some spiritual fruits that can purify the roots of human spirit, and I want to sell them in your Jubao Pavilion. I wonder if your Jubao Pavilion is willing to accept and sell those spiritual fruits in my hand? "
"willing; As long as your spirit can really purify a person’s spiritual roots, then no matter how much, we can eat it, and it is absolutely impossible to give you a low price. "

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