I saw Red Hong and Red River turn to the back of ten infant monks and give each other a gift. Then I nodded symbolically to those Danxia scholars on the giant stage. Finally, under the leadership of Yuan Zhen. Go to the main hall. At this time, whether it is Xia Shi on the giant stage or Zhu Jishi and ordinary disciples in the square. All faces respectfully, hands hanging down. Standing in the same place, watching dozens of predecessors in the cultivation of immortals go to the hall.


I’ve been watching the founders of Honghe, and they all entered the hall under the guidance of Yuanzhen Zhangjiao. On the giant stage, Yuan Kui sat down again after a dry knot and Dan period.
Elder Yuan Kui first said to all the Danxia scholars on the side of the giant platform, "Fellow Taoist friends. Predecessors, they have entered the main hall to rest. The seventy-year-old Yunzong started. Please watch the Taoist friends. "
Then Elder Yuan Kui said, "Array".
Elder Yuan Kui’s voice is very small. But it’s the same as Yuan Zhen’s voice. Clearly into the ears of all the monks present.
As Yuan Kui elder words just fell. I saw thousands of feet’s vacant lot in front of the giant stage. Suddenly, out of thin air, neat and colorful lights appeared. A huge array of aura. On the ground where the circle is located. But countless plants are born. Giant rock. Lake, grass, trees, etc. Everything in nature should be strange except monsters and animals.
Those shura Vientiane have been automatically ensnared in Jinnouchi since they were generated. It didn’t stop until after a column of incense. I saw ten huge large arrays reappearing in the middle of the square in Fiona Fang.
At this moment, Zhangfan witnessed the most unprecedented grand occasion of Lianyun Sect. It is also the most glorious period.
Until Zhangfan, all three disciples were taken to the forefront of Brother Lianyun’s position. Zhangfan’s mood is still in a strange feeling.
Then they were under the management of dozens of monks in the construction period. The younger brother of the first ten fights goes to the big line first.
This time, the large array is not like when the top 300 are decided. There are twenty huge arrays that are all the same. But there are only ten huge arrays for fighting. But these ten large arrays are bigger than those seen that day. But also for the benefit of their own habits. Lian Yunzong has laid down all creatures in the special array. However, the fight between monks who entered the construction period within 120 years was arranged at the end. Until Zhangfan and his monks decide the top 100 and the top 30. Will play the game.
Can enter the top 300 children. All of them are profound. Disciples who have reached or are close to the peak of condensation period. Moreover, the instruments in the hands are generally Chinese or top-grade instruments. Some monks even noticed some adventures. We also have one or two inferior or medium-sized horoscopes.
At the same time, these fights are not only wonderful. And extremely dangerous.
In Jinnouchi, there are already two monks waiting for you. They will not affect the battle between the two sides. Just responsible for the safety of Brother Bidou. As long as it is responsible for no casualties.
This time, the fight is also a single elimination system. As long as you fail, you can’t fight again.
The top 300 monks have re-divided the number plate of Bidou. Fortunately. Zhangfan is number 69. So the time is not long. It’s Zhangfan’s turn. And in the meantime. Zhangfan has been paying attention to other monks’ games.
And the front of the number plate is very beneficial. Because after a fight. The top 150. Although it is not before and after. The fifty people at the bottom of the number plate have to find their own opponents. Or get rid of it. Or go in by yourself. And Zhangfan’s number plate is in the front. If you are lucky then. But you don’t have to be picked. Look at your opponent in front of you. Zhangfan is a ash. Although the image is not too deep. But Zhangfan still knew the man. It turned out to be an old acquaintance.

Chapter one hundred and thirteen Soil dun
Cultivate immortality knowledge record Chapter one hundred and thirteen Soil dun
I saw the monk standing opposite Zhangfan just getting started. Brother Qing Niu, who lives with Qinghe and often goes to get tasks. The green cow is still a chubby look. Short stature. A broad face all day. Never laughed.
And the green cow saw Zhangfan. Is also one leng. After all, Zhangfan has not changed much. And as a monk. Memories are strong. Although there are countless people. But now I’m still impressed to see Zhangfan.
Plus a few days ago, Zhangfan took out a powerful instrument. Even the elders of Yuan Kui were alarmed. Therefore, Zhangfan can be said to be fresh in my memory.
Until then. Green cow still can’t believe it. The disciple in front of me is the one who didn’t know anything when he first started. And its qualifications are not very good. But just a few decades later. It has become the existence of the eleventh floor of condensate gas.
The two just exchanged a gift. Zhangfan handed over and said, "Brother. Please. "
The green cow also gave one. Then the chubby figure retreated dozens of feet away unusually quickly. Far away from Zhangfan.
Zhangfan just ash. Take the lead in slapping your hand on your waist. I saw dozens of different amulets being held in my hands. As the spirit formula falls. The precious charm crackled in the air. He turned dozens of lightning icicles into fireballs and galloped away to Qingniu.
In an instant, the distance within a few feet around the green cow is covered in it. Green cow is just one leng. I didn’t expect Zhangfan to attack with such a low-powered initial charm first.
The green cow just patted it. A gas shield is just outside the body. Cover your body firmly in it. I saw the sound of ""from the initial spells and hit the ground along the defensive cover.
What Zhang Fan wants is the moment when this fruit is in the hand of the precious charm. Zhangfan took out the Sun Ring. Zhangfan flung it in his mouth and shouted "Thousand Rings". With several spirit tactic. The Sun Ring was immediately divided into dozens of double shadows crossing each other. The golden light shines in all directions to the youth.
Thousand-fold ring is Zhangfan’s new skill of using black ring. Although it is called Qianzhong. However, Zhangfan’s current cultivation can only be transformed into a dozen gold rings. Including a few days ago. The same is true. Looking at all directions, there are many yellow shadows. Actually, there are only one or twenty.
Even so. Its power is also very great, and it was accidentally caught in. Only struggling to share.
Green cow just opened the defensive cover. I saw the ring coming from all directions. It is a dark sigh. Disciple in front of me. Plus the day before yesterday. There are two horoscopes alone. It’s not surprising. I really don’t know how I got here. Despite this, the green cow is not surprised. Rub your hands together. A cloth bag is rubbed out of its sleeve. I saw the green cow throw the bag into the air. Dozens of spiritual formulas followed. The cloth bag grows when it meets the wind. The mouth of the bag is five wide. Draw a circle around the green cow in the air. Go to those gold rings instead.
It turns out that the cloth bag of Qingniu is always tied to the arm. Usually cover it with sleeves when you are against the enemy. Hands will automatically fall into your hands when you shake them. It is very convenient to use.
The first ring of the sun touches the mouth of the bag. It is automated to disappear as a virtual shadow. And the sun ring itself is in the air. Just arrived at the top of Qingniutou a few feet away. Zhangfan dozens of spirit tactic to call again. Suddenly, the sun suddenly rose to the big place. Mount Tai leans away like a coping. Run to Qingniu.
Green cow’s face is as straight as a noodle case. It’s hard and hard. Fat hands are shaking. The same dozens of spiritual tricks are played on the cloth bag. Blink of an eye. Two instruments collided. There was a roar. Exploded like two firecrackers.
Lingmang scattered. A hole was blasted in the ground. But the green cow has already shot away like an arrow. The next moment, the figure has appeared in the ground dozens of feet away.
The green cow will make a move. The cloth has been collected. Turn to the waist. A khaki bead was thrown into the air. I saw Qingniu’s hands shaking like two meatballs. In a blink of an eye, I played hundreds of spiritual tricks. Mouth lightly: "pick me up."
I saw the khaki bead shining in an instant. ""to burst open. The next moment Zhangfan body around dozens of zhangs wide ground suddenly stirred up. All the dust and vegetation on the ground were overturned. Blow it into the air.
There was a loud noise. Suddenly excited dust flying. Wrap Zhangfan in it.
Green cow has been staring at Zhangfan’s place. It’s just a matter of counting interest. The dust has not dispersed yet. Green cow suddenly a cold neck. Suddenly surprised hair down. Immediately after induction to a spirit mans to his attack. The green cow didn’t dare to stay for a moment. Go straight ahead. To escape a few feet away. Suddenly the ground became loose. The green cow disappeared in the same place like being spit down by a giant mouth.