"Three thousand HarmonyOS, three thousand gods and demons, three thousand HarmonyOS and three thousand HarmonyOS stand in battle!"


Three thousand fiends have been planning and saving for years …
The most ferocious murder! to be continued
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Chapter two hundred and ten The end-the monstrous overall situation
"Hongjun heaven and earth are in the middle of the pole"
Purple gas filled the sky, and a mysterious jade die of primitive simplicity turned endlessly in the void. With the fusion of purple gas, a special qi machine gradually strengthened …
This is Bao Guang.
This is the position handle.
This is also the highest and deepest concept.
Although the original seems to be fruity, it gives people a kind of incomplete meaning, but the original blooms towards a perfect state in the purple gas supplement, but the word "Nature" is gradually disappearing …
More complicated than mystery, two new characters emerge from the other side of the jade die, and the word "Hongjun" can be faintly recognized …
Representing the high position of heaven and earth-Hongjun is high, but the order is high, but everything follows the principle. As soon as the purple gas comes out, there are 3,000 HarmonyOS gods in the same position at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, and there is a bridge that makes the two perfectly integrated.
"Ha, ha, ha, friends, how can this grand occasion be less than my fate!"
When whispering to the best of God’s words, a statue of a demon that exudes the avenue of all things appears in vain, and mysterious chains automatically disintegrate, and a great fate and great freedom bloom.
"How is it possible that there is a destiny demon in the world?"
Fate fiend appears in the hearts of the gods, causing great waves, just like those special avenues such as nature, destruction and time, where the source of heaven and earth is not condensed, that is to say, they are not under the jurisdiction of the vast avenue, so it is naturally impossible to have the corresponding fairy fiend born, but now fate fiend has appeared!
And when I saw the charm of the face at this time, most of the mighty eyes contracted instantly, and in my heart, I exclaimed-
"Glory Lord!"
This person’s theory of body shape and charm is even 95% similar to the fluctuation of the sacred heart source revealed from the deepest place!
The body shape can be changed, but the charm is hard to hide. If this is a coincidence, then the fluctuation of the sacred heart source can be changed absolutely and absolutely!
"This fiend definitely has some profound connection with the glorious Lord!"
If you don’t veto the inference immediately, it will be established directly.
Three thousand immortals in the universe are just a universal number. According to the road bearing, there should be three thousand six hundred and thirty-six statues, and it is impossible to have one more.
But now this statue of fate fiend body theory is the source fluctuation or the innate ghost industry position doesn’t show its identity …
"You must wonder whether you will soon be able to wait for Bai Wu to be the real first God …"
Fate is shocked to see the gods, and draws a radian around his mouth. He is the biggest difference between heaven and earth. How can it make you think easily …
"great fate is channelized!"
A superstar appears like a swallow returning to its nest and falling into the sea. The battle of 3,000 HarmonyOS gods has not hindered the smooth and smooth integration of this destiny superstar …
Even more shocking things have happened!
With the return of the superstar of fate, the most quintessential achievement of the whole knot-the 3,000-HarmonyOS God array has suddenly undergone a chemical reaction. If dominoes are generally linked, they will leave!
In an instant, mysterious and unpredictable silk threads emerge from the superstars of fate, criss-crossing each other and interweaving into a network connecting the whole battle …
Boom boom …
The perfect thing in the world, but at this time, 3,000 HarmonyOS formations are almost holding one to an immeasurable perfection!
"Shinto town at the beginning of three thousand one hundred yuan nine days and ten places accumulate extremely …"
Three thousand immortals and one innate deity stepped on the glorious seal, and Guanghua Tong sang and started the general chapter of congenital Shinto.
"The bugle of the sky, the elegy of the ghost …"
"It’s a long life, and all things are done …"
"Wang Shu’s theory of various elements, once sung and danced, is short of one day …"
"Hung-chun’s ten-square theory of managing the world and balancing the road …"
Even at this time, the immortal Yuanheng fought in the distance, and through the life of the Star Alliance, he evolved a statue of the avatar that will belong to himself. The Eternal Avenue will be sung and bloom with its own glory.

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