Lu Song and Lu Bai shouted at the generals with their arms. They can’t let the Chengtou soldiers lose their morale. Such high-intensity offensive and defensive morale is very important to the whole army.


After the army of the fierce Yang dynasty rushed to a certain distance from the mountain axe city, there suddenly appeared a strong spiritual force fluctuation in front, and more than a dozen large arrays were triggered almost at the same time.
These dozens of large arrays are written by the same person, and each large array is filled with cold. In addition to the cold, there are colorful and vigorous walks.
After a few breaths, a lot of colorful ice blades and cones emerged in the dozen large arrays.
Swish swish swish-
The ice cone and the ice blade appeared and immediately smashed it towards the army of the fierce Yang dynasty and the brothers in the army.
The army of the fierce Yang dynasty has never seen such a way, and it was a little overwhelmed at the moment. However, it is very dangerous to be overwhelmed by the coverage of the law, and soon the ordinary soldiers will fall down.
Although the armor of these fierce Yang dynasty soldiers has strong defense, they are unable to move in the face of freezing gas attacks, and many people are directly frozen into ice sculptures.
Some people are even worse, and their heads are directly cut off by ice blades.
"This is the means of the Thousand Moon Immortals, isn’t it? It’s so strong."
Seeing that the soldiers of the fierce Yang Dynasty who rushed to the mountain axe city would be frozen into ice sculptures, the defenders of the mountain axe city head showed an incredible look.
Lu Song and Liu Bai’s faces are also full of surprise, but compared with those who don’t know the sergeant guarding the city, they probably guessed who wrote the law outside the city
According to the record of Daning Dynasty’s war with the war, both Xuanwu City and Suzaku City have appeared, and the person who made this means is the mysterious Xu Xianshi, who is more convinced that Xu Ren spoke to them yesterday, Liu Song and Liu Bai. This is Xu Ren’s handwriting.
Xu Ren ignored the mountain axe city ChengTou defenders face shocked and ignored Liu Song and Liu Bai to look.
Realizing the siege strength of the army of the fierce Yang Dynasty was also somewhat unexpected. When these laws were triggered, they were also earlier than he expected.
In order to make the mountain axe city survive this time, Xu Ren decided to send some spirit-eating worms.
The spirit-eating worm quietly left Chengtou and flew directly to the rear of the fierce Yang dynasty army.
This time, Xu Ren didn’t move the spirit-eating worm as soon as he started, because he didn’t know if the fierce Yang dynasty had any precautions against him. After all, he used to bite the spirit-eating worm in the confrontation between the wild dynasties. If the wild dynasty wanted to take advantage of the fierce Yang dynasty’s massive invasion to plot against the Daning dynasty, it would definitely tell the fierce Yang dynasty that he had the spirit-eating worm.
However, the eye situation is also very critical for the mountain axe city, so he can also try to use the spirit eater first
There are not many orders from Xu Ren to bite the spirit worm. One is to destroy the siege equipment of the fierce Yang dynasty, and the other is to explore the grain and grass hiding place in the barracks behind the fierce Yang Wang Chao army.
After about an hour, Xu Renshan’s array force in front of the axe city has been consumed almost.
At this time, flying stones and heavy crossbows flying from the rear of the army of the fierce Yang Dynasty to the mountain axe city gradually became less and less
"What’s the matter? Our army hasn’t killed the mountain axe city and the siege equipment. What’s going on there?"
The commander-in-chief of the three armed forces in the fierce Yang Dynasty became more and more anxious, which made him very depressed. Now there seems to be a problem with the siege equipment.
"Report to Marshal that the siege equipment is seriously damaged and needs maintenance."
"Report back to Marshal Mountain Axe City. The front array was finally broken by us, and the horse can attack the city."
The voice of the commander-in-chief of the three armies of the fierce Yang Dynasty just fell and he heard two telegrams.
The soldiers who reported to the commander-in-chief of the three armed forces of the fierce Yang Dynasty reported that the front law of the city was cracked, so their army could finally kill the city head, but the destruction of heavy siege equipment made their army lose its cover and had to face the army guarding the city of Shanfu City.
Xu Ren’s spirit reached the rear of the army of the fierce Yang dynasty, and the spirit-eating worm knew that the spirit-eating worm had been completed first, so he let the spirit-eating worm sneak into the ground to find the hay of the fierce Yang dynasty.
Now Xu Ren has grown a lot. Not only is it stronger, but its ability to hide its breath is also more outstanding.
However, to Xu Ren’s disappointment, even though his strength of devouring worms has increased a lot, he still can’t find the land for the army of the fierce Yang Dynasty.
Xu Ren also wondered about this and didn’t know what the commander-in-chief of the three armed forces of the fierce Yang Dynasty did, even those who could drill the ground and eat the spirit worms failed to find the hay hiding place.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty Brother Chengtou
Xu Ren wanted to find out the grain and grass of the army of the fierce Yang Dynasty with the help of the spirit-eating worm, but he didn’t expect that the commander-in-chief of the three armed forces of the fierce Yang Dynasty would hide the grain and grass so secretly that he didn’t find it after all the troubles.
Nai Xu Ren can also temporarily let the spirit-eating worm lurk first, and then he spies on the news in the camp of the fierce Yang Dynasty.
The siege equipment of the fierce Yang Dynasty was damaged, but their soldiers didn’t stop, and while the defenders of the mountain axe city resisted the siege equipment, they threw stones and heavy crossbows and killed the mountain axe city.
The siege method of the army of the fierce Yang Dynasty is also very special. There is no ladder, but a very strange short crossbow is directly used to fix the wall with metal ropes.
It’s the first time for Xu Ren to see such a siege-he doesn’t like it because those ropes are too difficult to climb.
However, Xu Ren’s view soon changed. The ropes were very strong, and the army of the Sun Dynasty seemed to have received special training to climb them very fast.
Moreover, the fixed position of those ropes is also very special. The garrison soldiers can’t reach the weapon roots, and naturally they will cut off the ropes.
"pour palm oil"
In the face of those nimble fierce Yang Dynasty troops, Lu Song and Liu Bai have no better way to stop those fierce Yang Dynasty soldiers who keep climbing to the city head by step.
Lu Song’s and Lu Bai’s coping methods are naturally not ideal when facing the soldiers of the fierce Yang dynasty. Few soldiers of the fierce Yang dynasty will fall to the city because of the palm oil.
"How’s everything going when I asked you to prepare for the two generals?"
See fierce Yang dynasty soldiers will quickly rushed to ChengTou Xu Ren will look to the nearby Liu Song and Liu Bai.
"I’m ready."
Lu Song and Liu Bai were puzzled but answered Xu Ren’s question truthfully.
"Then bring those things. The horse is going to send a show."
Xu Ren looks very serious, and now it’s the critical moment. If you want to hold the mountain axe city, you have to do something extraordinary.
Up to now, both Lu Song and Liu Bai don’t know what Xu Ren really meant when he asked them to prepare those things, but they were ready before because of their faith in Xu Ren.
After a long time, the soldiers guarding the city of Mountain Axe will carry a lot of green bamboos and leaves, but those branches have been sharpened by sharp tools, which are not much worse than swords. If you stab yourself, you will be seriously injured even if you don’t die. The most important thing is that these bamboos are long enough to be longer than two spears tied together.
"Do you know what this thing is?"
Xu Ren saw that Liu Song and Liu Bai had prepared things and had a little smile on their faces.
"Xu Xianshi, we have never had this before."
Lu Song and Liu Bai are both puzzled. They never thought guarding city could be such a thing.
"Wait a minute, two people will guard the crib, one person will be responsible for resisting the flowing arrow, and the other person will sweep the bamboo city head back and forth. I can’t believe that ordinary soldiers of the fierce Yang dynasty can still climb to the city head."
Xu Ren dialect is very simple, but it needs the tacit cooperation of the soldiers guarding the city. Of course, it is impossible to achieve such tacit understanding, but the soldiers of the fierce Yang dynasty may not have seen him. Since both sides are not prepared, the starting point is the same.
"Xu Xianshi is this really good?"
Lu Song and Liu Bai are still hesitant because Xu Ren told them that the method is beyond their imagination.
"Just try and you’ll know."
Xu Ren smiled. He didn’t figure out this method himself, but he did it before Xianzun became famous.
Perhaps because of the unexpected results at that time, it was still very good
"No matter what, try it first."
Although Liu Song and Liu Bai were not sure, they told the guarding city soldiers all the methods taught by Xu Ren.
These soldiers also have a lot of doubts in their hearts, but it doesn’t seem like joking with them to see Lu Song and Liu Bai, so they tried it.
The result of this attempt is really beyond their expectation.
Ordinary spears can’t reach the fixed position of the rope, but these bamboos can easily reach the rope position
And those bamboo heads are all sharp spikes. If you sweep away the army of the fierce Yang dynasty, the result will be very sour.
Fierce Yang Dynasty soldiers did not expect that the defenders of Mountain Axe City would use such crude bamboos to deal with them. However, although the moves looked crude, they were a great threat to them. Many fierce Yang Dynasty soldiers climbed to the end of the rope and were swept by bamboos when they were ready to jump to Chengtou.
The edge of the bamboo is sharpened and prickly, but it is also relatively flexible. Many fierce Yang dynasty soldiers have been pierced with several holes in their faces by the spikes in front of the bamboo.
The soldiers of the fierce Yang Dynasty were both frightened and in pain, so they fell from Chengtou in succession.