But fortunately, at this time, the hot red sand arrived instantly. And put each other in it.


After the hot red sand is wrapped around each other, it is like gangrene attached to the bone. A steady stream of piles piled on Brother Qiao’s body, instantly making him a hot sand pile.
This makes Joe’s younger brother’s momentum not easy, and Yang Xiu will take this opportunity to twist, stabilize his mind, and cling to the control to be soft, so that Joe’s younger brother, who was about to break free, was firmly controlled.
At the sight of this, Yang Xiu also finally relieved. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the other party to escape, and it will be difficult to have this opportunity again.
As soon as the fiery red sand came into contact with Brother Qiao’s protector, in the blink of an eye, his shaky protector finally died.
And broke the defense of hot red sand under the control of Yang Xiu, to Joe’s younger brother, directly on the surface of his body.
Brother Qiao is trapped by hot red sand and can’t come out. I feel burning again. But also feel JingXie array, like being boiled, will risk at any time. At that time, I couldn’t help but look flustered and frightened.
Mouth is a roar, muscle disorderly fibrillation, a pair of madness.
Yang Xiu just ignored it, repeatedly pinching the tactic to control the fiery red sand in the purple jade gourd to rush to Teacher Qiao.
So for a moment, however, teacher younger brother Joe’s body is under the naked eye of Yang Xiu, shrunken and emaciated one by one, and growling is becoming more and more weak.
It was not until the other party was completely reduced to ashes that Yang Xiu found a way for the cow to put the hot red sand back into the purple jade gourd. And round fingers are soft, covering each other’s storage bags and returning to his hands.
This storage bag is the result of his special care, otherwise how can it withstand under Gubao? Will be burned to ashes by hot red sand.
After all this, he was free to look around.
At this time, the situation in the field is a mess.
Sun is not trying to control his spirit beast, but he is fighting with the elder brother Kuang. Although he has the help of the spirit beast with the same cultivation, he still falls behind a little.
I saw that the monk called "Brother Kuang" is now more than twice the size of ordinary people. Dressed in rags, it was obviously broken. And the clothes are mixed with some serum. But it was his skin that broke and was stained with blood that overflowed.
His eyes are also a little distracted at the moment, but his eyes are radiant with a violent red blood, which seems to be somewhat delirious.
Although god’s knowledge is a bit weird, he and Sun are in good order, not for the rules of fighting. It’s not messy at all
I saw that he used a six-foot sword with a simple body, three fingers wide and six seal characters engraved on one side. One side is engraved with a dragon, but I can’t feel the slightest agility from it.
Although the long sword is dull, it just applied for the wise saying that if it is clumsy, Sun Wei’s magic weapon doesn’t dare to recklessly fight with it, otherwise it will end up in two halves (this is what he learned after he lost a magic weapon! )
Brother Kuang’s style of play is also very fierce, not like fighting, but in close combat.
I saw him constantly swimming around Sun Weiwei, with his sword left and right, or directly hitting Sun Weiwei or his monster with his fist. But Sun didn’t dare to connect hard, or he would be beaten by the other side. His protector Xuanguang turned out to be trembling, and he looked overwhelmed and was very embarrassed.
Brother Gao Kuang did not care about the rest except for one or two parts such as his head, and he rarely defended himself.
But his was comparable to steel, the magic weapon that Sun did not recommend and the claws of his monster beast. Although every time it is a real attack on brother Kuang Song, brother Kuang Bei is still safe and sound, but he can’t break his defense. Let sun not recommend at that time helpless. Therefore, he was forced to retreat repeatedly by the other side, so he had to protect himself strictly, asking for no success, but asking for nothing.
When Yang Xiu saw Brother Kuang, he couldn’t help but think of the martial arts that the monk who was fighting with him just now was going to use. His appearance was the same: his eyes were bloodshot, his body was swollen, and his gods were vague.
Seeing that Sun was not in such a mess again, he couldn’t help but feel glad: fortunately, when the other side had not completely put the spell and cast the spell. I killed his book in the cradle, or I’m afraid I’ll be as scared as Sun Wei, and I’ll be driven away!
Regardless of the close combat, these two people are not too good to say.
I saw master Lin, housekeeper Lin and other people there, surrounded by eight disciples who had arrived from the other side. Therefore, I had to control the "Gankun to move the array." While commanding the magic weapon. Protect your body. I don’t want to attack for a while. Just for self-protection, let’s remove the Ming Lin worm from the array first.
However, it seems to outsiders that their situation is not so good, and it is very scary to walk a tightrope.
It is also the bow and arrow of Master Lin that the other party has some taboos, so the attack is somewhat conservative. Seek a steady fight, or it’s hard to say whether Master Lin and them can still stick to the disposal now!
At this time, the red-robed old man’s baby brother, who controlled the white powder ball, was about to approach Master Lin and them.
If it weren’t for the attention of Douhang not to alert the three workers in the white powder ball, its mobility was a little slow, and maybe Master Lin and them would have been trapped in it. After all, when arranging the "Gankun relocation array". If you refuse to move your position, there is nowhere to avoid.
And trapped in the white powder, the real person of Qing seconds, Ding Hong and Six Qi, fought with each other. At this time, there is some effort, even if it takes another half hour, several people will kill each other and die.
Master Lin always pays attention to the change of the situation in the scene. When he saw Yang Xiu successfully solving the enemy, he was surprised in his heart and was delighted. He immediately shouted to Yang Xiu:
"Yang Daoyou, go and stop that piece of white powder. Don’t let it come. We will finish the casting here soon, but before that, we can’t move our position, so we can’t be disturbed."
"Good" Yang Xiu saw that the situation was not bad for his side, so he didn’t say much, and he promised happily.
Moreover, since the purple jade gourd has been exposed, he can’t consider so much and no longer hides it. Immediately controlled the purple jade gourd, the most powerful ancient treasure he had ever had, and the red-robed old man ran away.
Baby brother see Yang Xiu but a moment will refuse to drop Joe teacher younger brother, in the heart is also very astonished, a pair of dumbfounded.
Now, see Yang Xiu coming at himself. Also dare not careless.
Guide, namely, stopped to master Lin abandoned to remove the white powder. I saw that when he turned his palm, there was already a foot-long painting axis in his hand.
Baby brother looked at the scroll painting with a cautious face. Then, I saw him suddenly spewing a glow from his mouth, waving it on the scroll, immediately pinching out a few tricks, and then sipping: "Go." Then he threw the scroll in the direction that Yang Xiu ushered in.
At the sight of this, Yang Xiu’s bloody teeth, which had already been buckled in his hand, suddenly shot at the scroll that hit the curtain.
However, when the blood tooth thorn was about to hit the scroll, the scroll suddenly opened in the wind. The painting was originally painted with nine stunning beauty pictures with different expressions. At this moment, it seemed to be alive, and they flew out of the painting one after another and besieged a very strange battle.
And blood tooth thorn into these stunning beauty between the siege, Yang Xiu’s god is flat was suddenly lost contact with blood tooth thorn, like being fall into another space.
Persistence, while he was heartbroken, was also somewhat amazed. He didn’t know what kind of beauty existed, so he immediately stopped his posture and dared not contact with it easily.
The beautiful women in those paintings are graceful and ethereal, and they all have dust removal posture. All of them are veils, which are hidden from time to time, fascinating and eye-catching, making the population dry.
Some of these nine people are enchanting, some are pure, some are Leng Yan, some are shy, and none of them want to be the same. They all have different lasting appeal, which evokes people’s deepest feelings.
Yang Xiu looked at these women and suddenly felt confused, as if he were guiding them, as if he were an emperor.
"The art of psychedelic!" But then he noticed from time to time. After all, this is very contrary to his practice of austerities. There is also the fact that from the appearance of these female convents, he has always been alert in his heart. After all, they knew that it was abnormal when they looked at it, so it was immediately reacted.
However, although he was alert, once or twice after that, he was unconsciously drawn closer to his fantasy, which scared him into a cold sweat and did not dare to look closely. And tighten your nerves, dare not have the slightest carelessness, and dare not have any other distractions. My heart is empty, and this is getting better.
At this time, it was only a preliminary insight into the magical power made by the other party, which made him feel a little palpitation, so he dared not be careless.
The dark blue Taoist robes are lit up to protect the body, and the hot red sand is also released from the purple jade gourd. Instead of attacking, he entangled himself in it. At the same time, kill array’s array flag was secretly detained by him, waiting at any time.
After all this, he was a little relieved.
At this time, those women under the control of the baby brother, came to Yang Xiu. In the process of flying, they not only kept their positions unchanged. Moreover, the degree has not been affected at all, and it is elusive and hard to find, just like if there is nothing.
However, Yang Xiu’s jump technique is not worse than theirs, so he dare not let them get close. But command star saber and their Yuto.
Of course, with the teaching of blood tooth thorn, this time he dare not send star saber to the formation of these female monks, but directly to those female monks.
Those beautiful women came at him like gangrene, and his star sword stabbed them. As through the precursor, even if sometimes Yang Xiu directed star saber to strangle them quickly, but after the array disillusionment, they reunited, and it turned out to be the same as the bones of the ghost king, which could not be killed! Seeing this situation, Yang Xiuzhi frowned and sighed in his heart. "Only ten kill array will be arranged to be trapped and killed."
Words are divided into two heads, as Yang Xiu and beauty Yuto, while secretly waving ten kill array’s array flag, Master Lin, they finally moved Gan Kun’s law arrangement successfully.
I saw a sudden burst of gloom and disillusionment and flashes of light in the array space where Yin Lin was trapped.
After a few breaths, the space returned to normal, the vague feeling disappeared, and there was a clear sky, but the worms inside didn’t know where they were.
Master Lin put away the law, and then he began to seriously deal with the eight people who besieged them.
"What’s the matter, don’t those Yin’s worms have" baby brother although in control of the group of female practitioners, but also pay attention to the situation in the present. At this moment, I suddenly saw the Yin’s worm disappear, and I was shocked. I hurriedly asked the female monk who controlled the Yin’s worm.
Female monk blanched, eyebrows slightly wrinkled, is also confused, way:
"My gods and those Yin’ worm, so they should not be killed. However, when I want to feel it in detail, the knowledge of God is very vague. So it is still unclear why all this is specific. "
Hear Yin’ worm is still there, baby brother’s look is finally no longer so ugly, gloomy way card.
"As long as you get rid of all these people, you will know what is going on. Now that the sacred beast has disappeared, you should gather to help Brother Meng and them, and try to solve these problems as soon as possible so as to find out the whereabouts of the sacred beast. "
Say that finish will no longer ignore, but a face of heavy looking at the direction of Yang Xiu.
But for a moment, Yang Xiu arranged the lines of the Ten Extraction Flags in succession according to a specific orientation, and then his figure flashed, and he entered the scope of the Ten kill array and so on.