Under normal circumstances, Moxiu would never provoke them, but Moxiu had to do so at that time!


Because the Qiongzhu they searched is in the belly of one of the beasts!
To be exact, it is in the Gangfeng contained in the belly of the spirit beast!
This made Moxiu XiaoMoEr depressed and followed this group of beasts for half an hour and found that they didn’t disband, so they forced to start work!
In order to ensure success, don’t rest and win three prizes in one breath!
And in so many Chinese fruits, the power of flying swords has reached 60% plus 16 jade puppets, so that they can rush into the spirit beast in one breath and smash the spirit beast that swallowed Qiongzhu into pieces and grab Qiongzhu!
At that time, Mo Xiu was always ready for the real yuan to urge the flying sword. Once the situation was found to be wrong, he urged the flying sword to force it out with the greatest power!
Why don’t you get ready for the second-order symbol to escape?
However, perhaps it is the reason why Mo Xiu moved too fast. Only one or two senior spirits reacted to make Mo Xiu succeed and escape every day.
"I found another Joan bead in front!" 1 BuMoEr cheerful call with MoXiu galloped away.
However, the two men didn’t fly far away, so Mo Xiu pulled Xiao Moer with a dignified face.
"There are another group of spirit beasts ahead!"
Small MoEr surface se a change "how many? How far is it from us? That Qiongzhu is about seventy feet away from us. It won’t be in the belly of a spirit beast again! "
"Forty or fifty senior spirit beasts have seven. The position of the Qiongzhu is in the monster beast group, and it may still be in the belly of a spirit beast. I’ll see if you quote a Qiongzhu position."
Xiaomoer will put the green Se wooden beads in his hand into Moxiu’s hand. "I urge the wooden beads to close your eyes and feel carefully."
Don’t take a nod
With the small MoEr inlaid MoXiu brain suddenly appeared a deep and remote mans.
This is the location of Qiongzhu!
Moxiu closed his eyes and induced for a while to compare the position of Qiongzhu with that of the spirit beast. "It is really in the belly of a spirit beast and it is still a senior spirit beast."
Small MoEr surface se micro change "? Otherwise don’t want this Joan bead. "
Moxiu shook his head. "I should get this Joan bead if I don’t work hard."
But don’t start work until the senior spirit beast reaches the edge of the monster beast group, and in this way, the law will take care of you. "
"I still have three broken yuan arrows to ask you to go back quickly. I should have no problem." 1 BuMoEr light way
Two people no longer talk far hanging this group of spirit beast to wait slowly.
After waiting for two hours, Mo Xiu’s face was shocked.
"The spirit beast has gone to the periphery. I’m going to do it. Watch yourself."
Mo Xiu quickly took out a ball of goose egg-sized Se liquid beads from the medicine bag.
This is a big fruit!
There are also big fruits to ensure success!
The big fruit belly immediately poured into the clip brain with a huge spiritual force to enrich the mind!
Blink your eyes, don’t rest, your mind is soaring!
As moxiu body shot out of the surrounding gas suddenly Yishan.
Don’t take a quick approach to the herd!
Seventy feet!
Fifty feet!
Thirty feet!
A senior spirit beast has discovered Moxiu’s breath!
But this monster still hasn’t called the police!
It’s not sure yet!
Moxiu, keep going!
Ten feet!
A scream!
Many spirit beasts immediately alarmed!
All the spirit beasts have found out that Moxiu has appeared!
And found that Moxiu was the first senior spirit beast, and now they have responded!
Sniff! Sniff! Sniff!
Fourteen Zhang Xu Chang Gangfeng shot at Moxiu before and after.
The closest to Moxiu is the Six Gangfeng!
Don’t stop for a moment at this time, otherwise there will be ashes!
Sixteen golden shadows suddenly flew out and pounced on three Gangfeng!
Boom Boom Boom
Sixteen golden shadows suddenly flew back, and three Gangfeng winds were shattered by sixteen jade puppets. Most of them were only half Gangfeng winds whistling past and shooting.
At the same time, Mo Xiuming’s flying sword also shot into a green mountain!
Poof! Poof! Poof!
Three consecutive Gangfeng winds were broken by a blow from Green Mountain!
Now the flying sword has been urged to the maximum power, and one blow is powerful enough to be worth three second-order Daoism!
But there is another Gangfeng after the six Gangfeng!
Sixteen jade puppets once again flew to block three Gangfeng!
But there are still five gangfeng!

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