This young man does have some connections. He knows not only the boss but also the second and third brothers. "Who are you? Sign up and I’ll ask the third brother."


Lin Cheng laughed. "I’m afraid Xiao Gai has to bow to me when he comes. It’s not as crazy as you. Now young people should bow their heads when they should!"
He looked at Lin Cheng with a big tone and style, and he hesitated and dared not start work.
"Ha ha ha ha who am I? It turned out that it was Mr. Lin who came here today? " Zhao Qingnan came out from the inside with a smile. It seems that I have already tipped him off.
"Zhao Zong is too big for most people to see now. I want to visit my old friends and I’m stuck outside."
"Misunderstanding" Zhao Qingnan was greeted by his hands with fuels. He passed by the younger brothers who were guarding the door. "Blind. This is the famous S. This is a long-term snack after the clothes are worn."
"S sorry, this is a newcomer. Please come in and talk about it." Zhao Qingna stretched out his hand and let Lin Chengxian go. Lin Chengxian didn’t mention it.
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121 intrigue
? Zhao Qingnan listened to Xu Zhenglong’s description behind the big boss desk in the office. He couldn’t help thinking. He really didn’t expect Lin Cheng to come back.
I have to say that if Zhao Qingnan, a giant who spans black and white, still has one person who is most afraid of people, this person is suspected to be Lin Cheng.
Zhao Qingnan still remembers Lin Cheng’s unpredictable posture. He can avoid the bomber. Zhao Qingnan can’t figure out what else he can do to make this person. Do you want missiles? Original bomb?
Lin Cheng has almost become a nightmare for Zhao Qingnan, and it has become the biggest obstacle for him to sweep across the Yanwei underworld. Although Lin Cheng is not a gangster, Zhao Qingnan has been enduring such a big stone.
It wasn’t until the year before last that Lin Cheng offended the big shot and was wanted that Zhao Qingnan didn’t say that he shouted in his heart. At this time, Zhao Qingnan was tempted to dominate the underworld and suddenly became active again.
Zhao Qingnan has been waiting for this day for five or six years. He can’t miss this opportunity. While he was observing, the city leaders also sent him a message to take over the Lincheng Transporters Association. In fact, the city has long seen that the Transporters Association occupies a place and strikes easily. The Transporters Association has already made the leaders of the municipal party Committee very embarrassed. Such a spontaneously organized association is just so unwilling to listen to the party’s call to strike and block roads. This makes the city prestige?
The message in the city coincides with Zhao Qingnan’s heart. Zhao Qingnan is also planning to seize half of Lin Chengchuang’s country. He was about to sleep when someone came to send a pillow. Zhao Qingnan was so happy.
So Zhao Qingnan naturally took over the transportation association with his stick policy, and the leaders of the municipal party Committee also supported it. In the past two years, Zhao Qingnan has taken over the transportation association and started the freight business. He sent his most effective younger brother to take charge of transportation. With the car and the transportation association, the business developed very fast and soon got on the right track.
The bigger the freight industry is, the better the drivers are. This group of louts can’t stop them in one place.
But this time, Xu Zhenglong’s arrival made Zhao Qingnan feel proud, and he could never find the silk feeling because he was most worried that something had happened-Lin Cheng came back.
But it’s obviously impossible. Lin Cheng is already wanted, and the people involved in the shooting have killed so many people, which makes Zhao Qingnan puzzled, so that everyone can turn over the salted fish, which makes him more suspicious of the health of the social legal system
However, Zhao Qingnan knew that Xu Zhenglong could not lie. He said that he had looked for the Public Security Bureau, so he must have looked for it. He found himself because he couldn’t pull down Lin Cheng.
Just then Zhao Qingnan’s younger brother knocked at the door and said, "Someone is coming!" Zhao Qingnan played surveillance and saw Lin Cheng. He suddenly felt a little flustered. When Xu Zhenglong saw Zhao Qingnan’s face, he also realized that Lin Cheng had come today. If he didn’t give himself money the next day, his second finger would be abolished. Can Xu Zhenglong be afraid? Of course he’s afraid
Xu Zhenglong, who has mixed a generation of black and white, let this Lin Cheng force himself to be disabled!
Zhao Qingnan calmed down after a short period of fear. "Stop them first and don’t let them come!" After the younger brother went out, Zhao Qingnan looked at Xu Zhenglong. "When Mr. Xu comes, you go through the back door first, and I’ll touch his bottom first. Let’s get through the air later."
Xu Zhenglong nodded and promised that he could not sit still now and had long wanted to slip away.
Zhao Qingnan welcomed Lin Cheng into the office. Lin Cheng swaggered on the sofa and Zhao Qingnan sat opposite.
"Why did Mr. Lin come to me this time?" Zhao Qingnan personally gave Lin Chengchong a pot of tea and pushed it to Lin Cheng.
"Haha, Zhao Zong is joking. I won’t come again. My brothers will starve to death. Boss Zhao is so cruel!"
Zhao Qingnan listened to Lin Chengmen and saw the mountain. He was at a loss. If Lin Cheng could not dodge bullets, Zhao Qingnan would dare to pick up a gun and kill Lin Cheng in his office now, but he knew that if he picked up a gun, he would be slaughtered in front of Lin Cheng and killed more than one person. Lin Cheng would never care about saving his life.
The year before last, Zhao Qingnan inquired about the gunfight in the city bureau through a friend of the Public Security Bureau. The scene was a fierce armed police commando, and Lin Cheng shot a dozen heads and brains all over the public security bureau.
In the face of such a person, Zhao Qingnan is afraid of speculation in her heart.
"Ha ha s joking about this, this, I am really ah, how can I put it?" Zhao Qingnan said for a long time without saying anything.
"Zhao Zong, we are also brothers. I can understand that you have to develop your hands and have brothers to support, but I’m afraid it’s not righteous for you to embezzle my main industry and drive so many brothers to the wall!"
If Lin Cheng is furious today and wants to fight, it is absolutely impossible for Zhao Qingnan, who is cornered, to recognize cowardice, but Lin Cheng talked to him about Jianghu morality, but Zhao Qingnan can’t shirk it.
"What does manager Lin mean?"
Lin Chengyi stopped Zhao Qingnan’s words with a wave of his hand. "You also know that the freight industry started with me, and this carrier association has also condensed my efforts. You are not leaving a little way out for my brother. You are forcing me to go to a dead end with you. In the future, let’s end our friendship yesterday and let’s fight today."
Lin Cheng finished and got up to go out. Zhao Qingnan quickly stopped Lin Cheng. "S, etc. Let’s have something to say."
Lin Chengding: "If I want to blow up the building you are building, come to me and I’ll talk to you. Will you listen to me?"
"This this how can it be a thing? Let’s sit and say, "Zhao Qingnan dragged Lin Cheng to sit again."
"Zhao Zong, if you have something to say, I have to go back and get ready." Lin Cheng didn’t look straight at Zhao Qingna, but Zhao Qingna made Lin Cheng get a fright at this preparation. What to prepare? Nature is ready to fight. If the strength of a single club is concerned, it’s too easy for Zhao Qingnan to destroy Wang Wei and Yi Fugang. But if you don’t fight for the strength, Lin Cheng will destroy himself.
Zhao Qingnan didn’t dare to take the risk. It’s not easy for him to take control of such a large industry when he’s only fifteen years old, and he’s gone. Who will help his son? He can’t say for sure that the best ending is to give his son a piece of money for his future life. If he doesn’t take up the whole Nantiantuan with a penny of black heart, he won’t die.
Zhao Qingnan looked at Lin Cheng with a firm expression, and he made up his mind instantly. Let’s fight for it now, but that’s indisputable. Let’s keep at least one family safe. "S is actually not a brother. I advocate that the city leaders send me a message to let me control the transportation association. Actually, it’s none of my business. I naturally know that the transportation association is your industry, but the municipal party Committee leaders said that if I don’t do it, the direction of Interpol will focus on me in the future. You know how clean the bottom of our business is. If Interpol keeps staring at the disease, it will also find out the
"So you are still being wronged?"
"Brother, I am really wronged."
"Then will you spit out the meat after eating it?" Lin Cheng will stop Zhao Qingnan’s army in one sentence. Zhao Qingnan is an old fox. Let him say something soft, but if you want him to spit out the meat he ate in his mouth? That would be like killing Zhao Qingnan.
"This I’m afraid the city leaders don’t want them to come to see a thorn in my side." Zhao Qingna turned his mind quickly and he was guessing Lin Cheng’s bottom line.
"You this also not line that also not line what are you going to do? Just say what you think. "
"I don’t have any idea about this. Please tell me what you think."
Lin Cheng glanced at Zhao Qingnan, a wily old fox, and asked me to say what I fucking said was that you cheated when you got cheap, but Lin Cheng had a plan in his heart. Just now, he took care of the left and right, and so did he. He led Zhao Qingnan’s mind and attention to his own set direction and led you into the urn.
Isn’t this taste a kind of Tai Chi? Tai Chi pays attention to attracting opponents’ power to make them hit the spot. It is also a kind of Tai Chi that draws opponents’ thinking, frames their thinking direction and then strikes back by surprise.
"Zhao Zong, you know how valuable the network is now. I’ll do my best to build this freight network and my transportation association are complementary to each other. Only when they cooperate can the maximum effect be achieved. Well, since the transportation association is now in your hand, I’ll just give you my transportation network department, but I need Zhao Ge to pay some money to let my brothers guarantee a normal life in the future."
Zhao Qingnan has been led by Lin Cheng’s thought for a long time, and now he can’t come back. Besides, Lin Cheng’s discussion is not bad, even if the price is expensive, it’s better than fighting for life and death, right?
"Good manager Lin, you said the price"

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