"Master Shi Shibo, I went."


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Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Figure (call 255! )
Xiao Wen and Xun Yu soon got together with other people who entered the valley, waiting for the purple pole to break the ban and break the miasma of Taniguchi.
I can see that because of that performance yesterday afternoon, no one dares to despise Xiao Wen and Xun Yu any more. Even the arrogant Cao Guangxiao of Jialing Road is honest.
"This is the poison-expelling Dan. I’ll give each of you a bottle now. If you go to a place where there is miasma, you should also go before." A middle-aged man in Zizhizong spoke and distributed a small bottle of Dan medicine to each person.
Xiao asked that nature was also given a bottle to start with, and then he thanked the middle-aged man, and then something funny happened. After listening to the middle-aged man’s wry smile, "Although there is a poison-expelling Dan, I still don’t recommend that you take the initiative to go to places with miasma, because these poison-expelling Dan are developed outside, and it may not be necessary to control Taniguchi’s miasma. It has been confirmed that these poison-expelling Dan are extremely harmful to Taniguchi."
Xiao Wen came to put away the bottle of Dan medicine like a baby. Only then did he know whether the emotional thing was effective or not. No one knows …
"After entering the valley, don’t rise to the heights or go to the mountain ridge, where miasma is almost the same as Taniguchi, even the fairy can’t resist you," the middle-aged man continued.
At this time, I saw someone flying towards the forbidden boat in the distance, and everyone knew that it must be a horse that was about to break the entrance.
Sure enough, without too many meetings, I heard the purple pole breaking the ban ship, and then a huge circular array lit up on the side of the hull facing Taniguchi.
The law is extremely great. Xiao Wen and other younger brothers are consciously going to retreat, but the middle-aged Zijizong said, "It will be very safe if you don’t retreat here."
Then the vibration became louder and louder, and the circular array was finally started, but it can be clearly seen that the array actually had an energy gathering process, and all the energy rushed toward the array center.
Soon the energy will be in the law is zh not ng y ā ng from a distance is a harsh white Se dot.
Finally, when I heard the "hum" sound, a silvery white light went straight from the white Se dot to the Taniguchi colored fog. When Xiao Wen and others passed by not far away, they realized that the light was a light beam with a thickness of three zhangs.
Immediately after the light beam hits the colored fog, it pushes the colored fog in front to one side, and soon it goes deep into the tens of feet. At this time, my brother’s bravery in the valley is a little bigger, so I can further see that the light beam is like a semi-permeable cylinder and continues to explore, isolating all miasma from the outside.
After ten feet, there is not so much miasma in the back. It seems that the horse can completely penetrate the colorful fog!
After another ten feet, the miasma in the back is definitely less than a foot thick, but at this time the light beam has stopped and seems to have met with great resistance.
"There is the last half-foot thick barrier behind, which is the most difficult thing in the whole process. It is good to rest for more than ten minutes at most." The middle-aged man explained to the people.
Most of these young people didn’t take it seriously, as long as they could get in anyway. At this time, they all stared curiously.
You will see that the front end of the light beam is propped against a layered barrier for a while, but you can’t wear it. There are also miasma flowing in the barrier body, but Yan Se is not so deep.
One interest, three interest, five interest …
Then, without warning, someone suddenly "ah" into the valley and everyone around him got a fright.
Everyone looked at him grumpily, but the man swallowed hard and then pointed to the front end of the light beam and said, "Do you think there is a person in there!"
As soon as this sentence came out, everyone got a tingle and immediately stared at the back of the barrier and saw the miasma flowing endlessly. The scenery behind it was blurred and flickering, but after watching it for a long time, I could really see that there seemed to be a figure behind it!
The purple pole middle-aged man also saw it, but he was not sure whether it was a person or not because he couldn’t see it clearly.
The middle-aged man had a cold sweat on his forehead and said, "You wait here for an order and I’ll be right back."
With that, the middle-aged man "sou" flew to the purple pole to break the forbidden ship and left Xiao Wen and others in the same place.
In fact, there is nothing to be afraid of. The problem is that the person appeared not only in a bad time or place, but also in a white suit, with a long hair looming, but he couldn’t see his face clearly. It was really weird.
Twenty-seven cases have entered the valley countless times every year, but it is really the first time to meet someone before hitting the entrance.
The unknown is the most terrible thing. God knows who it is, or the root is not a person …
I was scared when I saw that the light on the wall changed and the figure disappeared again …
Xiao asked what and blinked hard to make sure that the figure was really gone, but why didn’t he really didn’t see it …
Is it dizzy? Or is that figure actually condensed by miasma accident?
At this moment, I heard a "whoosh" sound, and the middle-aged Zijizong flew back again, crustily skin of head and said to everyone, "I don’t believe that there will be people in there who can help themselves, so just be careful."
"It’s gone" and I don’t know who suddenly came.
The middle-aged man immediately looked over there and saw that there was no one there again and asked, "Do you see how it disappeared?"
"There is no possibility that it is a coincidence of miasma."
"Well, hurry up and prepare a horse to enter the valley."
In fact, there is nothing to be prepared for. People continue to stare big eyes and look at it. Sure enough, they will see that the front end of the light beam has changed and moved forward again!
When the wall was completely broken, the light beam was like a floodgate, and the flood rushed straight in until it hit a hill in the valley.
"Go in! Be careful! "
Xiao Wenning listened intently and offered a green frost sword, then jumped into the light beam and flew to the valley with all the people.
When flying through the miasma with a thickness of more than ten feet, Xiao Wen was also a little nervous. He said that if the light beam was suddenly collected at this time, even if he had ten lives, he could not pick up half of it …
Fortunately, all the little fairies listened to "whoosh, whoosh" at a very fast speed. They had already passed through the miasma and entered the valley!
Xiao asked Li to lead the green frost sword and took him out of the light beam and stopped beside it.
At this time, turning your head and looking back, you can find that actually looking out from the inside is almost the same as looking in from the outside, and it is still full of color and miasma inside.
Soon everyone flew in and then listened to the "hum" sound, and the light beam suddenly narrowed, and even when it didn’t take three breaths, it turned into a thin line and disappeared completely. Those miasmas naturally blocked Taniguchi again.
At that moment, there were still many people who felt a little lost.
In each case, a total of 54 people stopped scattered in the middle, which was also quite large. At that time, everyone looked at each other and obviously considered the next step.
Then, in a strange scene, a sweet voice suddenly came from a distant mountain, "You are here."
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Xiu Xiu (call 255! ! )
When they turned to look, they saw a white woman standing on the top of a hill in the distance, faintly visible in some plain clothes, but her long legs and thin waist were really quite enchanting.
But at this time, no one is happy because this woman’s appearance is so abnormal …
Everyone leng Xiao asked and turned to look towards Xun Yu, then he saw that Xun Yu was also slightly puzzled and shook his head at him.
Then I saw that the white lady’s feet suddenly flashed out, and then she flew from the top of the hill, and soon she was thirty or forty feet away from everyone.
"ah! !”
God, some of the fifty-four brothers have exclaimed, and there are not only one but many!
See the female appearance when xiao asked is also breath in a gasp feel some get confused …
One reason is that seeing that female eyebrow is like a distant mountain with almond eyes and smiling face, Yao’s nose is quite upturned, her mouth is pink like a cherry, and she is a very handsome woman!
This is very handsome, not ugly, but really handsome!

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