Of course, I’m ready. The soldiers don’t know how many times I’ve been asked when I can attack. Laugh at Luo Cha’s way


Good. Now, you can’t even shoot the chariot leader to pursue the inferno. The time must be set for them to be chased and ordered by the dragonfly who can swim across the Gulan River.
Is the boss waiting for the good news? Laugh. Luo Cha was ready to leave after a big name.
Before he left, Shearer suddenly grinned and so on.
Well, what did the strategist say? Luo Cha wondered and stopped to ask back. The former Shearer was laughing. Luo Cha and others didn’t have much weight in his heart. However, after Desit’s two wars today, Shearer’s clever strategy has made him recognized by all. Therefore, Lian Xiao and Luo Cha also respect to call Shearer a strategist.
General Laughter, remember that Princess Ziyue sent a series of chariots, although it was very powerful, but she was very afraid of fire attack. Although the scale snakes were not good at fire attack tactics, it was difficult to guarantee that their three bows and arrows would not fire rockets. Therefore, if you find that the chariots were burned, you must stop chasing and let the cavalry complete the remaining shearer cutting.
Strategist rest assured that Purple Moon had already given me this batch of chariots. I said that I would lead fifty thousand cavalry to work together, and I would not let the strategist boss down. I laughed at Luo Cha’s hand, and after that, I rode a horse in the eyes of Dragonfly Shearer.
The continuous shooting chariot is a new equipment issued by Ziyue only this year. Its design is very simple, that is, a fully sealed wooden box is installed outside the four-horse traction transport vehicle, so that four horses of the traction transport vehicle can be towed. Three soldiers are wrapped in wooden boxes, and the wooden box is designed with hundreds of bow and arrow launching holes on the left and right sides. The serial machine of each reflection hole is connected with the carriage. The conductor of the three soldiers is responsible for the direction of the horses and gives attack orders to the other two soldiers. One soldier is responsible for supplementing arrows and the other is responsible for launching arrow machines.
A carriage can carry 4,000 arrows with 100 archers, and its advantage lies in its fast action. The weakness of soldiers’ security lies in the slow speed of supplementing arrows after continuous launching, and the fear of fire attack. According to the purple moon design, this carriage will be made of metal, but it can be replaced by wood in the end. Although this design is still insufficient, it still does not lose a powerful and effective pursuit weapon. In the Tianlong army camp, the number of such carriages is as high as 5,000, which can be said to have formed a certain combat capability. Today, it is about to be the first to taste the power of the continuous shooting chariot,
Laughing at Luo Cha’s command to fly back to his camp at this moment, he immediately ordered his generals to lead 50,000 cavalry and 5,000 vehicles to rush to the scale snake clan troops. Because the scale snake clan fled in haste, he laughed at Luo Cha’s troops for killing the enemy Zhongjun in an almost straight line.
In order to ensure the strongest attack force, a small number of down archers laughed at the scale snake clan all the way. Luo Cha Gen refused to command the troops to rush directly to the enemy Zhongjun. Although the chariot was heavy, it was drawn by four healthy horses. Therefore, the cavalry were similar in speed, and it was the first time to see this huge monster, the scale snake clan down archers, but they ran away with the wind. Laughing at this, the Luo Cha army’s forward speed was faster, and it was about to chase the scale snake clan Zhongjun in 30 minutes.
Seeing the speed of Luo Cha’s army’s advance, Shearer called it a bad sight. He quickly said to the dragonfly, "The master laughs at the general’s advance too fast. Although the scale snake clan has lost, the main force has not been destroyed. They forced them to fight to the death just visible. I am afraid that the general’s insufficient strength will be threatened by the enemy."
Strategist change dragonfly also couldn’t think of any good way to ask a way.
The master should immediately order General Carlo’s cavalry reinforcements to increase the threat to the scale snake clan, so that they will surely speed up crossing the river, but they are afraid that General Melifes will blow up the dam too late to let the enemy escape, Hiller said
Then let’s do it. Let the scale snake clan surround Luo Cha. Then we will pay a lot of money. Let’s bet on luck and hope that Zi Long can come. Dragonfly nodded and said.
Marching Daogui immediately ordered Carlo Legion to attack and meet the smiling face forward after the rapid dragonfly shearer agreed. Luo Cha Legion was just like Shearer’s conjecture. At first, when laughing, Luo Cha approached the scale snake clan and launched an attack, the king of Anscale snake clan was ready to order more than 200,000 scale snake clan troops to fight back, and more than 50,000 people laughed at Luo Cha Army. However, when he saw Carlo Cavalry Corps approaching at a high speed, he could hate to give up the fight and instead ordered the troops to speed up crossing the river.
Gal smile Luo Cha army is into the territory of five thousand chariots fired arrows at the range of the enemy at will, while fifty thousand cavalry carol reinforcements cavalry guards in the vicinity of the chariot to prevent the scale snake family counterattack.
An hour later, the scale snake clan army finally fled to the river. Many scale snake clan soldiers jumped directly into the opposite Gulan River regardless of whether they crossed the river or not. But at this moment, the Gulan River is about two meters deep. Looking at the shallow water level, the scale snake clan is even more fortunate that God has given them a gift to make it easier to cross the river. However, at this moment, no one in the inferno thought that a disaster was about to appear before their eyes.
When about 20,000 troops of the scale snake clan crossed the Gulan River, and the other 100,000 troops were still struggling in the river, the eastern river came to roar with the river god, accompanied by a white line. The scale snake clan in the far and near river finally knew what was going to happen.
A lot of mud, broken wood and gravel accompanied by roaring, and the river buried the scale snake soldiers in the river. Whether they were generals in boats or struggling in the water, the low-level soldiers killed the enemy in the same fair hands, but now they became weapons to kill their comrades. With the power of the river, the swords were scattered. Suddenly, those soldiers who had not been buried by the river were assassinated for a hundred years, and the Gulan River was burned into a strange blue by the blood of the scale snake family. Tens of thousands of soldiers were killed in an instant, and more inferno soldiers were on the banks of the river. Groaning in pain, crying for help, although the position is different, but chasing to the river to laugh, the Luo Cha army Karol army stopped at the same time. This scene of hell has been deeply reflected in every soldier’s mind 2.
Later, the arrival of Shiller Dragonfly was also shocked by the immediate scene. However, even Shiller didn’t expect that his plan would be perfectly realized. In fact, at first, Shiller hoped to blow up the dam when the scale snake family fled to the shore to stop the scale snake family from retreating into the Monax province, so that it would take more time to capture the enemy camp and win local victory. However, Shiller ignored Zi Long, an important member of Tianlong Army.
Zi Long, who was able to fly in China, did not fly directly to Melifes after receiving the dragonfly order, but always paid attention to the movement of the scale snake family. When the scale snake family crossed the river, he gave Melifes the order to blow up the dam. Therefore, when the scale snake family crossed the river, they performed a good show of flooding the enemy.
Fortunately, the king of the scale snake clan was covered in blood at the moment, standing on the north bank of Gulan River, looking at a thick layer of bodies on the river, thinking of these people who had followed him to human land and died in a foreign land, he felt despair for the first time. At this moment, he couldn’t help but wonder what the hell am I doing, taking good land and not living, and why do you want human beings to wage war? However, in an instant, when the dragonfly handsome flag on the other side turned despair into hatred, the king of the scale snake clan didn’t say anything, but put the golden flag Jeros into his heart.
The wounded soldiers then immediately withdrew their troops from the capital of Monax, and the king of the scale snake clan said bitterly that he would be ready to take orders in public, but suddenly a team of wounded soldiers came from the north.
What happened to you? Why didn’t you defend in the capital and realized that things were not good? The king said to the wounded soldiers.
Your majesty, cunning humans suddenly attacked the capital yesterday, with 30,000 enemies less than 100,000, and they carried a large number of siege weapons. We simply couldn’t resist leading the people to the death, but the enemy was too strong. This afternoon, we heard that the two fortresses around the capital had also been captured by the enemy, and we were able to break through. Your majesty, spare our lives. The down archers exaggerated the situation.
In fact, there was no large siege equipment in Zhonggen, who led the troops, and when they attacked the capital, the panicked scale snake soldiers mistakenly thought that the main force of the scale snake family had been eliminated, so they quickly gave up their resistance and fled from the east gate to the other two nearby fortresses. Even before Xiu split his troops and besieged, they had already left a lot of food and equipment in the city.
God’s will God’s will It seems that the big fiend has given up. Let’s forget it. Get up and save all the brothers who can be saved. Then we will retreat to the commander in chief in the middle of the cold hakodate. After listening to the soldier’s report, the king of the scale snake clan has lost his previous momentum and can be depressed. Said
Due to the lack of a large number of tools for crossing the river, Tianlong Army can watch the scale snakes on the other side of the river retreat in a hurry. One day later, after the completion of the three-way pontoon bridge, Dragonfly led the army across the Gulan River and headed for the capital of Monax.
The Battle of Gulanhe cleverly arranged the Tianlong Army in Shiller, which not only defeated the 400,000-scale snake clan army in one fell swoop, but also seized the inferno and hoarded it in the huge grain and grass in the capital of Monax. This battle not only made the dragonfly famous again, but also shocked the inferno. However, the strangest place was that when the North Ghost King asked to encircle the Tianlong Army on a cold snowy night, the North Ghost King sent a secret order to sit tight.
However, the inferno panic is different from the punk territory, but the human-controlled area is a piece of Teng. After Zhuge Lin’s defeat, the punk people are increasingly desperate. At this moment, when they heard that the Tianlong Army defeated 400,000 troops, the punk media rushed to report some exaggerated stories. However, the dragonfly knew that its military strength could not be compared with that of the inferno. Shearer suggested that the dragonfly command the army to transport the grain and grass in the three cities back to Desite territory as soon as possible, and if it was not transported, the department would burn it on the spot.
Shearer’s calculation is true. Although Bei Ming Tianwang Da instructed not to let the cold hakodate return to the army to attack the Tianlong Army, after considering the threat of the bureau’s strategic Tianlong Army, the cold hakodate will still be outside the country without excuses, and the fate of the Tianlong Army will be threatened again, and the decisive battle between the dragonfly and the cold hakodate seems to be difficult again.
However, at this time, the dragonfly never dreamed that his back garden suddenly burned a fire. On the third day after the dragonfly captured Monax, Liu Ji announced to the mainland that he had joined the inferno camp and invaded the west to target Reddes fortress
Chapter 3737 Thousands of miles to break through
Sanchis, the capital of Kesangxing province in central Punk, has now become the headquarters of the inferno aggression corps. Because Zhuge Lin was killed, the Punk ruling group was afraid that the inferno would attack Wangdu soon, so they transferred the army of Kesangxing province to the vicinity of Wangdu to defend them from the middle of Favout province. As a result, Zhuge Lin had been operating the central front for many years, which was almost occupied by the inferno. After occupying the important military stronghold, the inferno waited for the follow-up reinforcements to attack the eastern provinces of Punk for the time being, so the Punk war temporarily entered a frozen state.
According to the cold hakodate plan, the inferno will launch a new round of attack on the eastern provinces of Punk, including Wangdu, at the end of September, but in early September, the Tianlong army suddenly collapsed in Monax province, and the 400,000-scale snake clan troops forced the cold hakodate to readjust its strategy. At first, the cold hakodate recognized that the Northern Ghost King was bound to be extremely angry at the fall of Monax province, but when she asked to attack the Tianlong army, she was surprised to find that the Northern Ghost King did not seem to pay enough attention to the Tianlong army.
Although I have received an order from the Northern Ghost King to sit tight, considering the influence of the fall of the rear grain and grass center on the assault troops in front of me, I resolutely decided not to order the Northern Ghost King to mobilize the main forces of cyclops, birds, terrans, armored dragons, turtles and other ethnic groups for no reason. About 700,000 troops were divided into two ways, and they approached the Tianlong Army with a gesture of encirclement from the Miloxit province of Kesang Province.
For inferno troops to mobilize the dragon army is still a knowledge, although shearer had already expected that the dragon army would never sit back and watch the dragon army occupy Monax on a cold hakodate, but he didn’t expect that the cold hakodate would soon give up attacking the punk king. It was a good opportunity to mobilize the army to surround Monax, and the dragon army still stayed in the province of Monax
Shearer, do you think we should take the next step? Dragonfly is sitting in the ruling hall of Monax Province, and many generals are discussing the next action plan.
Master, before I answer your question, I want to teach you one thing first. Shearer slowly got up to face the dragonfly and said, how sure do you think our current strength is against the inferno army?
The inferno army, you mean like a dragon flying like a dragonfly, asks.
How sure do you think we are to win the battle against Monax after the cold hakodate? Shearer slowly said to the dragonfly solemnly.
Counselor, do you think that Leng Xue will give up attacking the punk king at night and turn to declare war on us? Sit aside. Melifes suddenly said, Melifes’ problem is also puzzled by the generals present. Generally speaking, it is a great mental shock for the punk king and the dragon army to attack first in cold hakodate. Although the dragon army actually occupies Monax province and blocks the southern supply line of the inferno in a certain sense, it will not have a great impact on the inferno army at present. Therefore, the chances of giving up the punk king and turning to attack the dragon army in cold hakodate are great.
However, Shearer smiled after hearing Melifes’ words and said, General Melifes, you speak very well. I’m sure that on a cold hakodate, we will mobilize troops to surround Monax in a short time and force us to fight a decisive battle or retreat to Beso Schiller. Just after the words, people can’t help but make a small comment.
Dragonfly raised his hand to signal the silence after thinking slightly, and then said to Shearer, What makes you so sure? Is it because we occupy the southern supply line of inferno?
Hehe, master, you say it is one aspect. For Leng Xue Night, she doesn’t attach great importance to the southern supply line. Although there are 400,000 scale snake soldiers in Monax, it can be said that this is not the most important area of the inferno in terms of the environment and the quality of the combat troops. Leng Xue Night is the place where General Zhuge Lin can fight against Jie’s military genius. She will never be too big to admit that the Sotheby’s Alliance dare not participate in the Punk War. Therefore, from the point of view that we easily captured Monax, the inferno regards the scale snake as a chess and the hay here as a bait.