Li Cheng’s growth is naturally the inevitable result. The "Basketball Top System" has given him so much help. If his progress is not big enough, God estimates that he will be chopped to death by thunder.


After throwing off half of Stephen Jackson’s body, Li Cheng took another hard step forward, and then his whole body rose into the air before Crawford’s defense arrived.
Still the familiar action, still the familiar beauty.
Super angle back jump shot!
This is Li Cheng’s famous stunt. With the enrichment of his arsenal, he doesn’t use the back jump shot many times in the game. Because his breakthrough has become more and more mature, he can send the ball into the basket in a faster way, and it is a bit of a waste of time to throw back the jumper. However, this does not mean that Li Cheng has forgotten his skill. On the contrary, Li Cheng’s application of backward jump shot is more proficient than before.
The angle of Li Cheng’s leaning back is just the gap between Crawford and Stephen Jackson, which is a perfect escape and a perfect shot.
"Beautiful shot!"
As soon as the commentator shouted this sentence, the basketball hit the basket firmly.
"Good shot!" Granger winked at Li Cheng.
Li Cheng’s back jump shot has a unique aesthetic feeling. This is something almost recognized by the whole league. Even Michael Jordan had to make a statement after being questioned by reporters several times. "Li Cheng’s back jump shot is indeed more ornamental than me."
I’m afraid it’s hard for anyone to give an answer about which is more lethal, Li Cheng or Jordan’s back jump shot. Even the two of them can’t give the answer themselves, because this question is just like who is stronger, Guan Yu or Qin Qiong.
Guan Yu could not fight Qin Qiong. Li Cheng can’t compete with Jordan any more.
But I’m afraid it’s easy to compare who has a more beautiful jumper. As long as you look at the highlights of the two people’s back jump shots separately, many people will have the answer in their hearts.
I am afraid that apart from a few loyal fans of Jordan, no one will think that Jordan’s back jump shot is more beautiful than Li Cheng.
After Li Cheng hit a mid-range back jumper. Crawford hit another three-pointer at the top of the three-pointer arc.
Stephen Jackson raised his chin, and the meaning needed no explanation.
Li Cheng gave Stephen Jackson a white look and said, "You’ll lose your head later."
Stephen Jackson said, "We are in the lead now."
Li Cheng sneered, "I’ll pay you back where Crawford scored three points just now. If you have the ability, you can prevent me. "
Li Cheng’s words also aroused Stephen Jackson’s anger, but Stephen Jackson did not believe Li Cheng’s words.
Li Cheng, on the other hand, ignored Stephen Jackson. He carried the ball steadily through the half-court, and then he slowly approached the three-point line. Then he said softly, "I’m going to shoot soon."
Then, regardless of Stephen Jackson’s response, he took a step directly, and then took a jump shot at the top of the arc of the three-point line, under the defense of Stephen Jackson.
Stephen Jackson really didn’t expect Li Cheng to be serious. He hurried up to cover it.
Li Cheng sneered, and after the basketball shot, he met Stephen Jackson’s hand, and then he fell to the ground because of inertia. But the feeling that Li Cheng fell to the ground was that he was knocked down by Stephen Jackson.
The referee’s whistle sounded conveniently, and the basketball also knocked on the rim and fell into it.
Li Cheng got up from the ground, looked at Stephen Jackson and said, "It’s very kind of you."
Stephen Jackson was stupefied, and then an anger welled up in his heart. Li Cheng was saying that Stephen Jackson not only made him score three points, but also sent a free throw. (To be continued. . )
Chapter DiErLiuWu John Stegen
The Pacers made a good start at home, but Bird was not very satisfied with the result of the Pacers.
According to Larry Bird, the Pacers may only need half a game to defeat the Warriors.
After the Warriors lost bearded Davis, their ability to disrupt their opponents’ rhythm has decreased. However, the Pacers’ current lineup is a team with a particularly strong ability to master the rhythm of the game.
Moreover, Li Cheng has proved to the people all over the world through the Olympic Games that he is now the sharpest knife in the league, and the Warriors is a team with very poor defense in the league.
The Pacers restrained the Warriors in all aspects, and they actually let the Warriors turn the score over in the second quarter.
"Jim’s cultivation of rookie is really bad to the extreme." Larry Bird was covered with black lines after watching the game, but he could only express his helplessness.
In fact, Larry Bird had the idea of changing coaches this summer. The best sports car should have the best drivers to control it. Now O ‘Brien’s level seems to be unable to control the top sports car, the Pacer.
However, it is easy to find a head coach in the nba now, but it is very difficult to find a head coach who is very suitable for the team.
O ‘Brien knows the team very well, and he has shortcomings, but his advantages are also very obvious. In addition, O ‘Brien doesn’t like to interfere with players. He is only responsible for arranging tactics and arranging players to play. O ‘Brien never interferes with players’ off-court life and what they do in the locker room.
Now the Pacers’ locker room is centered on Li Cheng and Granger, and after the team cleaned up Little O ‘Neal this summer, Li Cheng and Granger’s position in the team has been unshakable. In addition, Li Cheng’s personality is also very good. He has the kind of introversion, modesty and reserve of China people. Generally, it is not easy to offend people, and now the atmosphere of pedestrians is also very good.
O ‘Brien’s inaction policy also makes the coach and the players rarely have conflicts, and now there are no thorny players in the Pacers, so their unity can be preserved for a long time.
Larry Bird didn’t want to destroy the Pacers’ current harmony, so he kept O ‘Brien’s handsome position.
But now Larry Bird feels that he must stay in the O ‘Brien position. Made some changes.
If O ‘Brien goes on like this, the Pacers’ regular season may be extremely bumpy, and then how the rookie players can grow up can only be completely listened to by God.
Larry Bird tossed and turned in bed the night after the game.
Now the walkers are very good in all aspects. As long as this group of rookies are trained, the walkers in the future are absolutely invincible.
But how can we make the pacers find a balance between training the team and maintaining the competitive level of the team?
Finally, Larry Bird felt that it was necessary to put one person into O ‘Brien’s coaching staff, and this person would be in charge of the pacers’ training rookie in the future.
"I heard that guy has been doing badly recently, let him try!" Larry Bird wanted to do it when he thought about it. But he looked at the time now and thought it would be better to forget it first!