In the special plane bedroom, I washed Sun Huapeng’s tendons and watched him sleep. Li Wei came out and walked to several bedrooms of the front cabin plane. Li Peiyao left him a Muzixing and Xia Lian, and Dong Mei took a green willow red cherry and a green willow snow cherry. Liu Yujiao and Liu Yumei stayed with their sisters, and the other one was taken by Sun Huapeng. Everyone else could sit in the front cabin seat.


Li Wei didn’t go to that area, but came to his office, where the rich Arabic style and modern technology were perfectly combined, and so was the huge bedroom just now.
Because this plane is a special plane ordered by the King of Saudi Arabia, it is the latest and largest aircraft of the same type. There should be over 100 wide and comfortable seats on the route, but there are 30 seats on this plane.
When Wu Mei wanted to order a plane of this model for Li Wei, the guest company said that she could immediately change the line plane to her, but it would take nearly three years to convert it into a luxury plane.
It took such a long time to refit and decorate this plane of Saudi King, which is the only one in the world!
Wu Mei contacted the Saudi King, who is said to be rich and charming, with the idea of giving it a try, because he is still making a special plane, which is Boeing 74o and the only one in the world. He should not be very urgent about this plane now.
Of course, Wu Mei won’t admit that she has such a big face. She carried Qin Shang out.
The Saudi king gave her a quick and unexpected answer.
He is going to give this plane to Levi! Include 20 beautiful Arab women who have finished train.
Even for rich people, this is a big deal, because the decoration of this plane alone is … 500 million dollars, but there is no doubt that King Saud has taken a big advantage!
After two unsuccessful rejections, Li Wei accepted the plane, but in return, Li Wei gave him two gifts, a jewel tree in the middle garden of Babylon and a crown of the king of Babylon! It is conservatively estimated that these two treasures are worth more than one billion dollars! For Arabs, these two treasures have more special value.
Besides, he also won Levi’s Friendship. Can you sell it to Levi’s Friendship for one billion dollars?
Li Wei had another discussion with Chavez in the office full of Arabic customs on the plane. Li Wei asked the magic flute to join them, and Li Peiyao handed them the charming Arab woman to drink.
Of course, the discussion is about Chavez’s soul communication. If it is successfully implemented, some parts are his gifts, but some movements, including spiritual power, depend on him to display them. Even the gifted parts can tell how he felt when they were displayed, which is convenient for Li Wei to infer that the magic flute can control the five-color needle body repair and put it there. His eyesight and experience are more abundant than Li Wei’s. In some places, Li Wei said nothing!
This discussion is also of great benefit to Chavez. Most of these powers are born with all their abilities, but if they find the right way to practice, they can also upgrade this talent. It is obviously helpful for him to discuss with Li Wei and the Magic Flute.
The discussion has been going on for a long time, which makes Li Wei feel that it is a subtle thing to digest the key words of Chavez and Magic Flute, and that some methods must be explored gradually through operation and experiment.
Before Chavez left, Li Wei discussed another issue with him.
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The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter 19 Receiving disciples and bearing
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter 19 Receiving disciples and bearing
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Although there is no army in Hawaii, there is Levi’s deterrence. Some institutions must be established. After discussing with Herry Liu, Xia Fei and others, Levi believes that it is necessary to set up a Hawaiian security intelligence agency. It is always neither fish nor fowl if green gang Secret Hall has been in control of Hawaiian intelligence sources and processing.
If Chavez is willing, Levi hopes that Chavez can take on the post of Deputy Director of the Hawaiian Security Intelligence Agency during the transition period and the post-establishment of the Kingdom of Hawaii as Director of the Security Intelligence Agency!
Of course, Li Wei told him that there was no one to replace him for the time being, and he still had to work.
In fact, Chavez is the kind of person who is meticulous about his work, and many of his powers are suspected to be excellent candidates for the staff of this department. It is no problem for him to be loyal to Hawaii, and it is indeed the best candidate for this position. Li Wei also did not hesitate to ask him to go back and think about it for three days to give him an answer. Although Li Wei set him a soul shackle, it was personal, but from the point of view that he brought his wife and a pair of children to Hawaii, he should choose Hawaii instead of the United States.
After Chavez left, Li Peiyao brought Claudia and Sally here.
Sally gave him a courtesy of their national unity. Levi reached out and held Claudia’s hand, but she looked at her with good eyes and held her hand. She gave her a gentle hug, but now she has changed a little when Levi saw her. She is so plump that Levi dare not hold her tight.
Li Wei asked them about their recent life in Hawaii, talked about their ability, and told them what they would be like when their ability became stronger.
For example, Claudia’s ability to absorb life. Li Wei told him that when a powerful mage releases life to absorb magic, it can form a huge barrier, which can surround an army of thousands of people and make them die quickly, instead of Claudia having to have physical contact with others to absorb the life force of others as it is now.
Sally’s ultimate ability is that when she casts, she stagnates, not two or three meters, but a kilometer, which can control a complete city! Besides, being in this village, Sally will not be affected by this. She can easily harvest the lives of people who are motionless in this village with a knife!
In fact, Li Wei said that it was the power that God had in his previous world.
Even Sally’s eyes shine brightly behind the shadow. The more capable people are, the more eager they are to be strong, so that they have not reached their peak.
"Sir, I heard that you have accepted little Mike as your apprentice. Can you accept me as your brother?" Claudia looked at Levi hesitatingly and said, you can see that this is what she has already thought about. She looked at Levi eagerly, uneasy and full of longing! Claudia has never been a bold person, but she was filled with excitement when she learned that Levi had taken little Mike.
Cheng Liwei’s temptation made her brave.
In fact, the deepest reason is that her fear of death is more terrible than death, but she never wants to try this taste again when she looks at her aging.
"Burst!" Sally, on the other hand, knelt down and prostrated herself beside Li Wei and said, "Please accept me as a brother!" " I don’t know if she showed her respect for Li Wei. Her face was finally exposed in the cloak. It can be seen that she is young, maybe about the same age as Sun Huapeng. Her facial features are symmetrical and beautiful, and her skin color is not as crisp and slightly magnetic as she imagined, instead of hoarse as she had heard before!
Levi froze for a moment and then smiled.
Claudia quickly learned to kneel when she saw Sally kneeling.
In fact, Sally knew it when Levi first met her in the early morning of January 1st. If it weren’t for Sally being a little girl at that time, Levi might have killed her directly because she helped the bamboo-like yellow hair to shoot Liu Yujiao, but Levi immediately realized that the black woman was actually a little girl and even pretended that she was a little bloated!
Whether Levi admits it or not, he is always gentle with girls …
Li Weixiao is because Sally showed a flaw when she was kneeling in disguise.
But he really didn’t want to take them both.
Different races will cause some slight differences in body structure, strictly speaking, tendon differences, and it is uncertain how this will affect the practice.
However, even Zamon’s blood clan can practice Kunlun Xuanyugong. Although his time is too long, it also proves that ethnic differences are not obstacles to cultivation, and it is convenient for him to study their bodies after accepting two brothers. Now there are many cultivation techniques in his mind, of course, most of them are memories of others. For example, Luo Chen’s cultivation techniques are not complete for his face, but Li Wei left Luo Chen’s complete techniques to Shen Yunxi and Du Dongshan’s twelve immortals not long ago, and of course he also got the complete secret of nine days away from fire.
You won’t lose the Dragon Island Achievement Method, the Smiling Toutuo Achievement Method and some of the Seven Immortals in Yuling Mountain, as well as the Hexiaxian Achievement Method. Li Wei saw that it is worth practicing.
Li Wei once thought of finding personal ideas for these techniques, but they are not Chinese. Think of Changfeng couple looking at Celia’s sorry eyes. Levi laughed in his heart and suddenly had a bad drama mind.
"Please, sir, please accept us!" See Levi along while no response Claudia asked again.
Li Wei said, "Get up. I haven’t promised Hua Peng to accept him as his brother. Well, Sun Huapeng is Mike’s Chinese name and his real name. I gave him several tests. If he passes my test, I will accept him as my brother. Since you asked me, I will give you a chance. If you pass the test, I will accept you together."
Li Wei sets them a test. Too much is a form. He will let people test their learning ability, perseverance and endurance to pain.
In fact, it is actually a painful thing to practice by cutting off the surface aura of the practitioner. Li Wei can’t remember how much pain he has suffered. People who can’t stand the pain are not suitable for practicing. Some people see the powerful strength of the practitioner and don’t know how strong their perseverance and tenacity are.