Destiny and mood jokes not only say that his attitude towards Qu Yong has completely changed, but also he is relaxed and confident now.


"For me, I have been completely calm and ready. Kotaro in the Valley of God of War is a rare master. It is the greatest blessing for a fighter to meet such an opponent for life and death."
Qu Yong said, "I know that it is also the greatest blessing of my life that I can witness the decisive battle between you two peerless masters."
"Yeah, good. Yeah."
Qu Yong asked, "Now that you are ready, what is it that you suddenly come to the imperial city tonight?"
Destiny says, "My heart is ready, but I don’t have a heart to fight the final battle. Besides my heart, there is a right time, a right place and an uncontrollable place, so the right place must be in my own hands."
QuYong suddenly said, "So Martial Uncle, you are going to survey the terrain of the imperial city."
Destiny says, "It’s true that when you really fight, a stone may be a leaf, and ants may always affect the outcome of the decisive battle. Did you not see the terrain with your own eyes before the battle?"
Qu Yong said excitedly, "So can I go to see the decisive battle terrain with Martial Uncle?"
Destiny said, "Are you really touching me by coincidence? I have waited from sunset until late at night. Fortunately, you still know that if I don’t come until sunrise, I really regret teaching you."
Qu Yong secretly called himself ashamed. If it weren’t for this coincidence, I’m afraid he really didn’t know to go and test a terrain.
"Come with me."
The decisive battle place is at the gate of the imperial city. Go straight for seven miles and then meet a longevity pavilion.
The decisive battle is in the longevity pavilion.
Long night rustling
The imperial city is deep
QuYong two people in and out of the imperial city didn’t meet a guard and no one to stop them. The old Cui Yun should have told the imperial city guards that they didn’t need to stop QuYong and destiny.
In the bright moonlight, destiny walked slowly in every inch of Changshou Pavilion.
The day after tomorrow is the day after tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow may be remembered by Jianghu people forever.
Qu Yong looked at him from a distance and didn’t dare to disturb him. It is clear that the destiny at this time is like the ancient general who fought in ancient times. Before the war, a large number of scouts will be sent to the battlefield to check and explore all the favorable terrain in person.
Chapter four hundred and twelve A will
Destiny not only surveys almost every inch of land in Fiona Fang for a mile in Changshou Pavilion, but also wants to see clearly what will happen to the soil quality here if it is soft and falls behind with a heavy foot.
Moreover, different soil quality will also affect people’s lightness skill. Cement has the characteristics of cement, and the stone road is different from the mud, which is obviously very different.
Destiny suddenly looked up at Tian Yue for a long time after watching the land.
The moon has never changed since ancient times. It has been looking down at the earth.
Today is the fourteenth day of the lunar calendar, and the day after tomorrow is the full moon night.
full-moon night
It’s when the moonlight is at its peak. If there are no dark clouds, it may be as bright as day the day after tomorrow.
Therefore, the moonlight must also be calculated. In fact, there are some differences between people seen in moonlight and people seen during the day.
Obviously, all this destiny has been calculated. He has carefully studied the switch between light and shadow in every position, and then stopped and pulled out a cold handle from his waist. soft sword shook it with the wind and handed it to Qu Yongdao to "attack me."
Qu Yong didn’t learn six swords from Tianyi Laodao, but he practiced with four girls for a while and knew about thirteen changes in fencing.
It’s destiny. Take it out now, but soft sword is more difficult to use than ordinary swords.
"Well," after he got it, he shook it, and suddenly it was silver, like a silver screen breaking and flashing, and he couldn’t help blinking.
Two peerless masters fought in the blink of an eye.
If Kotaro, the God of Heaven Valley, also takes out such a sword, it is very likely that it will have a sudden effect by shining the eyes of destiny through the moonlight.