The sea of clouds said, "It’s a pity that Lei Di has three hundred thousand gold and silver."


Ao Xuedao: "No, only 52,000 gold and silver were found in autumn. I think it’s enough. Haha."
The sea of clouds can’t help but be startled. A city always has 50 thousand gold at home. What is this concept? Can this country be saved? Ao Xue added, "But then 150,000 people are twice as bad as the enemy."
Yunhai Road: "We will continue to recruit 5 taels of silver as long as we can, and one migrant worker will see how much we can recruit." Ao Xue immediately ordered a notice to be posted.
For a while, the city volunteered to join the army, recruited 20,000 migrant workers, recruited more than 100,000 people, sent soft armor and broadsword to each person, and sent experienced commanders to take charge. Before dawn, the scale of 250,000 people was almost restored, and the sea of clouds ordered the warehouse to release grain. A few refugees were collecting steamed bread, porridge and pickles, and soon some hesitant people signed up.
Migrant workers repaired the city wall and blocked the north and west ends. Unless the city was demolished, the city could not fight the west side. Although it was ugly, it was strengthened. Wei Tuo’s injury was a little better. He vomited black blood all night, but Master Qili died, and even the gods could not save the wizard. There were five remaining magicians who could cast spells and fight Yuan Ye.
Black Wolf repaired the main force of the reorganization team overnight. Iron wind and 130,000 cocoa said that the strength was still there. More than 100,000 Muzu puppet troops and patrol battalion troops were on standby, but after a battle came back, the sand storm elder iong had an arrow in his mouth. This arrow was completely submerged and could not be pulled out. The arrow seemed to be shining in the body, constantly absorbing the strength and bones of the elder, and all the military doctors could not help roll up the bones of the elder. This was also called black Wolf’s fright. Matthew asked the main commander, Sha Lifo, to send reinforcements to attack the city in 53,00
After watching the torrent of troops crossing the mountains and mountains, the wooden clan team finally reached the valley of letters. Ma Kai looked huge and shocked than the valley of letters. There was no ladder to climb in this city, and there was a city to attack. The city seemed to be made of iron, and the huge mountains on both sides were too high. It was also difficult for thousands of feet not to be a bird. Ma Kai thought that there were 300,000 spearmen and heavy cavalry lined up outside the city. On both sides, the former coach was a mysterious man wrapped in a thick wind robe, and four of them were behind him. The black armor was also in the package, which seemed to be gross.
Ma Kai has a look at each other’s preparations. If the engagement is so well prepared, the effect will be poor. Immediately, he ordered the army to camp on the spot. The archer lived in the condition. A teenager leaped to the front to challenge the other side. Looking at it, she was a tall and slender woman with a small hammer in her hand. She reported to the country’s first lux Shi Zun for treason and defection.
Ma Kai frightened Shi Zun. Why didn’t he surrender to Hangu at the place of Ai Hena, the four kings? Kuang Shizun has a god of war, saying that no one in the army wants to fight against the enemy for a while, so that the army can clear the road to facilitate the transportation of grain. In addition, we should pay close attention to the construction of the city village and discuss countermeasures. We can’t be careless to ask Shi Zun to continue to call the city of war. It seems that it is very clear to mobilize the enemy camp. We smiled at the four ghosts and said, "It’s still a fart. It’s dark. The corpse king and the water ghost go to Heyang. There is no drama here."
On the other hand, he ordered, "Inform the four hall lords of Cang Mu Tang to attack their grain delivery team and road repairman, and the ghost king will scare them later, and then call the other 20 settlements, 100,000 militia troops to encircle and control a few points, and gradually wrap them up. The first army to the fourth army and the legion are all fighting hundreds of thousands of people in the valley of letters."
The elder said, "The prince of Zhao still can’t underestimate his enemy. They once defeated more than one million Zoroastrians. What was the strength?"
Extremely, "you and I are three-year-olds who despise your enemy." They’re here to fight us, aren’t we going to fight their family and lose the war? They’re 400,000, and I’m 400,000. I don’t look at who’s really strong. "
Wake up with the king’s sword and lie drunk on the beauty’s knee
Kill people like dirt and sit firmly in the golden chair
Shui Mu the Great, the Emperor of, is thirty years old. In terms of the Mu clan, he is just an adult boy. After he became king inexplicably in his childhood, he has always been the queen mother in charge of the overall situation. He is preoccupied with having fun, but he is also happy to be at leisure. Recently, he loves to send elegant poems with uā birds, fish and insects to adjust in prison, and he loves to recruit foreign buyers. Nowadays, the beauty around him is as thin as a cloud.
The Great Three-pole Emperor is still sleeping. Last night, it was too wild. The wind knocked down the three-pole bamboo. A supervisor rushed in and said, "The Queen Mother is anxious to find you. Please get dressed quickly."
"What is it? Is really sleep well, what can I do for her to solve it? "
Shui Mu is reluctant to get up and take a bath. For him, the hall doesn’t want to stay for a moment. Naichao looks at his favorite ministers on both sides. Shui Mu finally has a little balance in his heart. "Hey, hey, you little guys are also called out from under the covers." It was the stern eyes of the queen mother after the throne that startled him.
Order knelt down to see if it belonged to the supervision battalion, the officer’s supervision battalion was specially set up by the queen mother to control the intelligence department, and even the emperor could not ask, of course, he was too lazy to ask.
The humanitarian said, "The Empress Dowager Xiongzu stormed our Dingbian Prefecture, and it is estimated that 250,000 defenders there should be dead. The Xiongzu seems to have died a lot, at least not yet."
The queen mother asked, "Any news about sending envoys to the Ice Kingdom and looking for the ice supervisor?"
The humanitarian "the envoy was sent back with his head cut off to give a gift to Bing Xiang, but he hasn’t come back yet"
The queen mother stamped her feet angrily and said, "Who is Zuo Xiang? ji is angry. They told me that my years of hard work were destroyed once. Did you get any autumn names back?"
The left side of the mountain is tall and fat, and the head is like a bucket with a big face. "The Queen Mother is said to have attacked the bronze drum for the crime of Qiu Ming, killing 20,000 Xiong warriors. This matter is being investigated and Qiu Ming is also escorted back."
The queen mother said, "Don’t you recommend Qiu Ming, the right phase? How to attack the ice country town? Is he crazy? You explain. "
Right phase Yuan long thin withered way is very cautious. It is the emperor’s favorite minister to raise uā to feed birds, which is a good cook. State affairs will not work. Autumn name is his confidant to control the army. Ann ā is in the river. Hearing this, he quickly knelt down and said, "There must be a misunderstanding between the queen mother and the emperor. Autumn name has always been cautious in doing things. How can it attack the Xiongzu camp? There must be jiān plot in it. It is the left phase that harms me. Please ask the queen mother to examine it."
The queen mother stood up on striking the table and said angrily, "I don’t know if I’m just turning a blind eye when you wait for intrigue at ordinary times. Now if you dare to ruin each other with such activities of national subjugation and genocide, I’ll cut you off today."
Frighten the ministers to kneel down and say, "How can I be wronged in this matter?"
The queen mother sneer at a way "wronged? People first put the left and right phase and phase people in prison to supervise the campfire investigation and discuss the matter. "
A chubby boy came out to "listen to me beautifully"
The queen mother said, "Ma went to the Flame Ambassador to send a gift and asked the Flame Nation to mediate. If not, I will give them the taxes of the two southern States, but remember to bargain."
Mu Huali said, "Obey the decree." When I was overjoyed, Ambassador Flame once said that I would collect taxes from the two southern States and give it to Flame, so I gave it to myself, two manors and several servants on the edge of Tianjing. This can be quickly discussed with envoys.
Since the Queen Mother Liu came to power, she has been cautious in mediating activities under siege, so that she can be safe for a while. She will not hesitate to kill people who are loyal and loyal. These people want to be loyal and conscientious, and then they have come to protect their own names. Where do they know that the price of their loyalty is the extinction of the country and the unity of millions of soldiers? No money, no food, everyone is timid and small. The most important thing is that everyone wants to kill each battlefield and flee in panic. Even if one and a half loyal ministers win a half-time victory, what will attract violent military action? When these people die, what will happen to the whole pine and the royal family? I thought that the queen mother fainted on the spot, and the hall exclaimed, "What’s wrong with the queen mother?"
"Quick ~ ~ physician ~"
Cried the hall into a ball, only the emperor was very happy, haha, and he could continue to go back to sleep.
Lei Zhen and his party rushed to the north of Heyang overnight for several days. The north of Heyang is Y Longshan, the ancient yin Mountain, and the peak of thousands of feet is as high as a sharp blade. Lei Zhen and his party went to the mountain and hid the horses. Two people were left to guard the rest. When it was dawn, they went to the top of the mountain to see a winding road, only three Kyle and a tunnel along the mouth. Lei Zhen found many rare wild fruits and grasses and found time to pick them up before dawn.
Lei Zhen, who is five miles away from the city, ordered Hu Sun to lead everyone to rest in the forest for one day. He sent four master posts and four fighters to the tree to look out. Lei Zhen called Bailian girl, Zilian, Xu Shao and Bing Qian to change their ordinary clothes and simply dressed up as a woodcutter. Each of them picked a load of firewood and slowly walked to the road.
Heyangcheng has become a grain depot with a million troops. However, more than 10,000 Xiong troops in the city have to eat, and they have to cut firewood. Especially in the morning, the official road is full of five woodcutters, which is not noticeable. Lei Zhen and others went to an official post tea hall, which is a place for coolies to drink water. jiā can drink a big bucket of bitter tea with a copper, but there is no need for Xu Shao to buy a bucket of tea and take out half a cake to eat and talk with everyone.
An old man said, "The bears have lost the battle this time. Haha, I heard that all their heads were dead. Which one was worse when they were sent back last night?"
A middle-aged man with a black beard was as skinny as a chestnut. "He should have raised these dogs to grandma’s house," Xu Shaodao said. "Who beat that head so badly?"
The old man said, "I sent firewood to Shuaifu last night, and the lights were on. Listen to what was said in it. The elders hit Cangsong River City and called people to shoot an arrow. I don’t know if it can cure them. You can’t say that it’s bad for a bear to behead them."
Xu Shaodao "where where we say which? It’s none of my business. I wonder where you send firewood? "
The old man said, "We just went out of town and didn’t go back until tonight. We are sending it to Shuaifu. This is a waist tag." He said and flashed the waist tag.
Xu Shao shines at the moment and says, "You are always handsome."
The old man vomitted an one mouthful phlegm, saying, "Bah * * Shuaifu’s hometown and childhood told them to arrest me and force me to come out to chop wood, saying that when I went back later, I would burn my granddaughter as firewood."
Xu Shao repeatedly spat out his tongue and said, "Sorry, I’m still hehe."
The old man said, "Are you and I puppet soldiers and dog thieves? Hum, the old man is a wooden clan, and death is a wooden clan ghost. "
The black bearded man said, "Master Jia has a good backbone, but there are still small walls around him." He made a gesture of Cang Mu Tang.
The old man nodded and made a gesture of pale wood. They bowed their heads and drank tea.
Xu Shao has a look at the big heart. It seems that these two people are branches of Aoki.
So I put a tree on the table with chopsticks, and the old man was surprised to see this Xu Shao saying, "A tree has roots and needs, a Reagan."
Xu Shaodao said, "A tree with branches and leaves has 100,000 leaves per root."
The black bearded man stopped eating. He said to Xu Shaodao, "There are roots and branches. You are the fork."
Xu Shaodao: "The first branch in the southeast has gold uā"
The two men were frightened to know that it was the altar master who got up at once and said, "My stomach hurts to relieve myself." After Xu Shao went to the house, the two men knelt down and said, "The root of Aralia elata must belong to the ancient root incense, the vice incense, the main mountain turtle, and visit the god eye altar master."
Xu Shao laughed and said, "I’m not a god’s eye or a method."
The old man asked, "And you are?"
Xu Shaodao said, "I am a strange king."
The two men were frightened and immediately knelt down and said, "I hope the leader has finally arrived day and night."
Xu Shaodao said, "Speak slowly. Is there any way we can go to town tonight?"
The old man said, "It’s simple. You just don’t know if the leader has any arrangements when you come to town with me?"
Xu Shaodao: "I want to see you when I get into town. It’s important to master the ancient incense, and then we’ll talk about it. Now we must stay still when we go back."
The old man obeyed, and the two bowed down.
Xu Shao came back to Lei Zhen and said Lei Zhen, "It seems that you, the leader, are not your congregation."
Xu Shao laughed. "Ha-ha-ha. I’m not your soldier anymore."
Five people took the old man back and arranged for everyone to wait outside the city, leaving a black-bearded turtle to meet people. Five people sneaked into Heyang City that night. The official saw the old man taking the woodcutter in and out every day and didn’t care to say to the old man, "How small is the old mountain turtle?" The old man bitterly said, "If the bobcats take it away, there will be only shoes left."
When the officer heard it, he stopped asking questions and let everyone into the city. When he arrived in Heyang, the city was full of dead people, garbage, livestock and feces. Xu Shaodao said, "If we don’t start work, these people will stink sooner or later."